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Official Server Rules

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Network Manager
(May be subject to change, always under admin discretion. Staff have final say.)


Economy Regulations
• A TOTAL maximum difference of $100k is allowed to be traded/given away per 24 hour period. You may sell for over the recommended price while using common sense but you CANNOT sell for under the minimum price. Please check the valuation of items/Pokemon with /prices or consult with staff in advance.
• Cross-server trading
• Borrowing/Loaning Pokemon from/to others
• Adding anything to GTS for unreasonably high prices
• Operating gambling machines of any kind
You may not trade more than 1 HA Pokemon per day

Bug/Exploiting Regulations
• Exploiting bugs/exploits
• Possession of duped items
• No disclosing the location of any DropCrate or Raid Boss to other players, or providing assistance in any capacity
• Exploiting events for quest progress. If you are inside an event zone while an event is being hosted, you must fully participate.
Intentionally forcing a tie for global quests

Hacking/Modification Regulations
• Hacking of any kind
• Use of X-ray or transparent texture packs of any kind
• Use of autoclickers or illegal mouse modifications
• Schematica replanting or use of schematica to build your farms
• Schematica usage during building competitions unless specifically stated otherwise

Store Regulations
• Charging back any payments made through the donation store
• Selling/trading any accounts or in-game items for any type out-of-game currency (Steam, PayPal, etc.) Note that giving someone in-game items in exchange for making a donation is OK!

Redstone Regulations
• Operating rapid fire or infinitely looping redstone contraptions (Warning)
• Auto or semi auto farms whatsoever, including automatic mob farms with or without redstone. This includes mob spawners. (no redstone at all for any type of farm)
• Constantly feeding hoppers items

Building Regulations
Spawners must be kept in an enclosed area
• Bypassing the AFK kicker or building anything that could do so
• Inappropriate builds

Chat Regulations
• Disrespecting players or staff
• Swearing/bypassing the filter or excessive usage of caps
• Excessive spam (more than 1 (not conversation related) message every 10 seconds)
• Unreadable Nicknames (Using fonts that would cause users to have a hard time understanding what your name is)
• Speaking in a language other than English in global chat
• Discussing punishments in global chat
• Inappropriate topics
• Hate speech, racism, harmful comments towards sexuality, nsfw or anything of the sort
• Asking for any free items
• Discussing staff permmissons

Player Conduct
• Disrupting other players' experience Use common sense and do not disrupt another player's experience. This includes building/claiming within 50 blocks of another player's claim.
• AFKing at bases other than your own with the intention of helping gain profit (ex: AFKing at another player's farm)
• Scamming of any kind
• Renaming Pokemon with the intent of deceiving others into believing it's another type of Pokemon
• Killing/Trapping other players
• Bypassing any punishments through any methods
• Sexual anything anywhere
• Death Threats in any capacity

• Advertising another server IP, server name, server website, or discord. (Ban)

Alt Account Abusing
• No using alternate accounts to bypass a punishment or to gain an unfair advantage over others (Jail)

Directly guiding others through Presents or Sign Hunt
• For Sign Hunt, only the warp name may be shared. (Jail)

Donors may not use perks without cooldowns on other players
• /shop donorshop and other donator warps are fine. (Warning)

Side note: Stealing from unclaimed areas IS allowed, and stealing items from claims you're trusted in is also allowed. Be careful who you /trust. Claims may also be manually deleted after 60 days of the owner being offline. No compensation will be given for items lost/taken in this way.

** You are responsible for your own account. If someone else has access to your account and uses it to break server rules, we will still take action against your account.
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