Anubis Gym Guide

Anubis Gym Guide

Hello this is a guide written by Ervcat15, the reason we are writing this guide about gyms within the Anubis community is because many people have asked us what they do and where they can find them. In this guide we will be showing you what they do and where you can actually find the different types of gyms around the Anubis server.

What do gyms do?:

Gyms have an assortment of NPC trainers in them, the trainers specialize in a specific type corresponding to the gym type (i.e. in the electric gym trainers will have electric type Pokemon). After defeating all the trainers at the end of the gym there will be one final NPC (the gym leader), this NPC is harder to defeat than the rest. Once the gym leader is defeated players will receive a gym badge corresponding to the gym type and a T M corresponding to the gym type as well.

Where can you find them?:

You can find these gyms around the different realms such as: Origins, Sword and Shield by typing a command on any of those Anubis realms. The command to show the warps is /warp list. This command will bring up a list of warps like this in the screenshot below

A list of the warp categories

As you see here it lists 4 different warps, what you need to do now is click the Gym Warps and something should pop up like this.

A list of the Gym Warps

You could either click on the different gyms to warp there or you can manually warp there, for example: /warp buggym. This would take you to the Bug Gym to battle Gym NPCs.