Anubis Hub Update | All Realms

With the conclusion of our UBER Weekend, we've got another update coming your way.  Read below for the full rundown!

Anubis Hub Update Features:

  • Brand New HUB
  • PokeVault (Transfer Pixelmon realm to realm)
  • Vote Shop
  • New Wondertrade Menu
  • New Pixelmon Trivia
  • Upcoming Features!

New Hub!

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words - so I'll let these images of the new hub do the talking for me.

With a new hub, we of course wanted to bring you a cleaner, much better looking server selector as well!


With four different Pixelmon realms, it's easy to end up with Pokemon stored away in your PC on Sword that you really wish you could show off to your friends on Shield, with PokeVault, you can easily transfer those Pokemon!  Just run /pv in game and you'll be able to open the PokeVault.

PokeVault currently has a cooldown of 3 days, activated when you retrieve from the vault, so choose wisely!

Relevant Commands:

/pv - opens the PokeVault
/pv slot <slotnumber> - places the pokemon in slot <slotnumber> in the PokeVault

Vote Shop:

One of the best ways you can support us here at Anubis is by voting, and we wanted to take this opportunity to add another feature that will allow you some sweet benefits in return for supporting the server!

Using /voteshop in game will open up the Vote Shop menu.

Available rewards include:

  • Server-wide Boosters
  • Legendary Items
  • Crate Keys
  • Global Commands for you and all your friends on the server
  • Tokens
  • and even Master Balls!

Relevant Commands:

/vote - to support Anubis and obtain vote points
/voteshop - to open the vote shop menu!

New Wondertrade Menu:

Along with the new features, we also have some improvements to existing ones. We have added a GUI menu for Wondertrade, which allows you to select the Pokemon that you would like to trade.

Type /wt to open a menu that displays all the Pokemon currently in your party.

Don't worry if you miss-click! You will still need to confirm whether you're completely sure you want to give up your Pokemon for a chance at something better.

New Pixelmon Realm Trivia:

Our seasoned veterans have become very good at the periodic word scrambles that involve various Pokemon names.  You will need to stay on your toes, to answer our newly added Pokemon related trivia!

Other Minor Changes:

  • Added new guide in the /guides menu /guides pokeball
  • Added new NPCs in the mines speed up your ore selling process
  • Chat formatting fixes for crates
  • Added broadcasts for Custom Legendary and Custom Texture Crates
  • Various Crate related changes
  • UBER crate will no longer be available in shop

We have an incredible number of new features planned for you guys in the next few weeks!  A top secret update is on the way, something so mysterious you would need to ask Giovanni himself just to find out more.

To celebrate the new hub, we will be continuing our 30% off sale for the next 3 days across the entire Network! Thank you guys so much for making Pixelmon the incredible experience that it is, and we really hope you enjoy these updates!

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