AnubisMC Custom Texture Pack

Greetings trainers, we have finished the work on the next expansion! Recently we have been working on adding custom pixelmon skins into the game! After weeks of work, we have made it possible so you can catch sundered, shadow, revered, and gigantamax pixelmon forms all around the world randomly. If you wish to purchase these skins online, alternatively, that is also an option. Upon catching one of this custom textured pixelmon, you can then show them off to your friends; This is possible because the skin is not only client-sided, but anyone on the server who uses our modpack can see your skin.

To ensure that you are able to see these pixelmon textures you must download our custom resource pack that has the textures inside. Alternatively, you can install our technic modpack and stay updated on all the texture pack updates! More textured pixelmon will come out in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

You can find the resource pack download link below HERE

You can find our technic modpack download link HERE