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AnubisMC Custom Texture Pack

Greetings trainers, we have finished the work on the next expansion! Recently we have been working on adding custom pixelmon skins into the game! After weeks of work, we have made it possible

1 min read
How to Install Pixelmon

How to install Pixelmon 8.0.2 and join Anubis! Hello! Today I will be showing you how to simply install Pixelmon so you can join Anubis! Moose has made a video explaining

4 min read
How to get started on Anubis

Anubis Guide How to get started? Hello everyone, This is a guide made by ignZak and Ervcat15. The reason we are making this guide today is because people have made tickets and questioned

3 min read
How To Breed Pixelmon & IV Breed

How to Breed Pixelmon & IV Breed​ Strong, Smart, Powerful Pokémon? Who wouldn’t love some? This Guide will teach you in depth FULLY about what you need to do to obtain the

7 min read
Anubis Gym Guide

Anubis Gym Guide Hello this is a guide written by Ervcat15 and ignZak, the reason we are writing this guide about gyms within the PokeTown community is because many people have asked us

2 min read
How To Make Money on Anubis

Hello, my name is Surplexed and I will be teaching you the best ways to make money on Anubis, the reason i am making this guide is because it has come to my

3 min read