Christmas Update | Pixelmon

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is coming to Pixelmon! Hop in now to enjoy the new Christmas Winter Wonderland, Limited Time Crates, and Daily Raid Boss and Events!


Christmas Winter Wonderland (/warp Christmas)
Custom Christmas Textures
Christmas and Gift Crate
Christmas Raid Bosses

Winter Wonderland

Jump in game and do /warp Christmas to go to our new Winter Wonderland! There is a Christmas Scavenger Hunt where 21 Hidden Christmas Pixelmon Statues are hidden around the map and you have to find all of them to win a Gift Crate! Furthermore, there will be a unique Event everyday of the Week where you can participate to win Gift Crates!


Monday (12/21) - Ice Boat Race

Tuesday (12/22) - Winter Wonderland Hide & Seek                                                        

Wednesday (12/23) - Christmas Tournament                                                                    

Thursday (12/24) - Spleef      

Friday (Christmas) - ???

Information on the Events will be Posted in our Discord in the #Events channel.

Custom Christmas Textures

Limited Time Christmas Textures will be available for the next two weeks!  These custom textures have been made by SmolBeans. Check out a few of them below!  The rest you'll need to locate as part of the Christmas Scavenger Hunt.

Christmas and Gift Crate

In this Christmas Update we are introducing 2 new Limited Time Crates, the Christmas Crate has all of the new Christmas Custom Textures and it can be obtained in the Store. The Gift Crate is a Free Crate that can be obtained through Scavenger Hunt, Christmas Raid Bosses, and Events.

Christmas Raid Boss

There will be new Christmas Textured Raid Bosses that Spawn on both Pixelmon Origin and Pixelmon Sword every 3 hours. Player that does top damage and the killer that gets the last hit on the Raid Boss will both Receive a Gift Crate!


We worked very hard to set this Update up for you guys so I hope everyone takes a look at it and have some fun! To give you all a chance to grab these incredible custom textures (or anything else you've had your eye on) we will be holding a Pixelmon 50% Sale which will end on 12/27 at 11:59 PM EST!

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas!              

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