Creative-RP, Survival Beta, Pixelmon Sands, and More!

Hello Trainers we have some exciting new updates for you all! To begin with, we have a new creative server launching. Creative-RP is a 1.15.2 creative server launching starting today. Creative-RP is a massive improvement to the creative servers that adds in New Cosmetics, Voting Rewards, and all the features you need to have fun!

One of the Awesome new Furniture pieces available on Creative-RP (1.15.2)

Creative-RP Features:
-Added pets and a pets menu! Pets may now be attained via voting or Donating for VIP and MVP ranks.
-Added Trails & HeadsDatabase! These are vote rewards but also unlocked by default for Donators.
-Added ChatColors are now also voting rewards. By default, unlocked by Donators.
-Added a Vote-Party system that links across all creative servers. 500 Votes across all creative servers will reward everyone online with free keys!
-Made plot sizes 512x512 on Creative-RP only.
-Blocked entity spawning and multiple crash methods.

Some of the Furniture on Creative-RP now available! (1.15.2)

Alongside Creative-RP launching today, the Official Survival Beta has been officially planned and ready! Survival will have it's Official Beta begin Thursday, the 14th. Survival is not your standard Survival experience at all. Personally, I originally found standard Survival quite boring, so we, as a team, did everything we felt possible to make it an actual entertaining and difficult experience.

A glamour shot of the Extra-Hard Survival Realm! (1.15.2 PVE Only)

Survival 1.15.2 Features (PVE Only):
-Realistic Injuries! You can now break your legs, arms, and skulls! These injuries can be healed via bandaids, braces/splints, or by going to the /warp hospital
-Quests! Over 70+ Unique quests, featuring a main storyline and multiple NPCs around spawn, even forcing you to fight The Wither and rescue the city of Alexandria!
-Pets! Inventory pets granting custom bonuses and effects when used. Pets can be levelled up and won through in game events, purchased in the pets menu, or won through crates!
-A player Economy! No admin shop with every item in it. NPC Villagers around spawn that trade for items, player-rentable shops, and chest shop setups as well as player warps advertise able in chat and an Auction House.
-Diseases! A 1-1,000 chance of catching diseases like Yellow Fever and Cholera for drinking dirty water, overheating, or freezing! Keep track of your temperature on the scoreboard menu and sickness! Go to the /warp hospital to heal yourself and buy cures.
-McMMO! Skills and traits to better customize your character.
-Player Ranks! Buy ranks in game with in game money!
-Permanent Horses! Purchase a horse from warp features and keep it forever!
-Jobs & Custom Mobs! Bosses and Jobs to make more money and earn more through the eco!

Our Next Order of Business: The Anubis News Latest Upload!

Showing off a sneak-peek of survival and an important interview with another staff member, as well as some general fun and gameplay! Give it a watch and leave us a comment telling us what it is you want to see from us!

Make sure to submit your in-game clips at: to be featured on the channel and receive a shoutout to the entire community!

Pixelmon Update & PokeSands Information:
Recently, we released an update for Pixelmon consolidating all of the keys. We felt like we had waaay too many keys on all 3 servers. We decided to merge all custom textures into a "Custom Textures" key and a "Custom Legendary Textures" key. From now on, when we release new textures the first week that group of textures will be available in a standalone key. After the first 7 days, the key will be merged into the Custom Textures keys appropriately. We also have added the texture groupings separately to the Bundles section on the store at a discount for people who want to skip the key process and buy them outright.

PokeSands, our latest impending Pixelmon Realm release!

PokeSands is our next planned addition to Pixelmon. As we start to fill up the Pixelmon realms, we will need to have more space available for a growing player base. The entirety of next month's focus is network wide optimizations and updates solely for Pixelmon. Our end goal is to have 5 unique Pixelmon realms capable of holding 300 players each and a singular Pixelmon Islands realm for our YouTubers and YouTube partners to record quarterly series on for promotion. PokeSands is an Egyptian themed realm with Krookodile as the main planned antagonist for the future quest line. Featuring 8 gyms around spawn and an EVTrainer and altars, as is normal to our Pixelmon Realms.

In addition to a new realm, we have a new Events schedule for our Pixelmon realms planned to begin starting today and becoming the new norm forever for Pixelmon. From now on:

-Mondays: 6v6, Gen 1-3 pokemon, Held Items allowed, No Bag Items
-Tuesdays: 6v6, Monotype pokemon NO LEGENDS, Held Items allowed, No Bag Items
-Wednesdays: 6v6, Gen 4-6 pokemon , Held Items allowed, No Bag Items
-Thursdays: 6v6, Dualtype pokemon NO LEGENDS, Held Items allowed, No Bag Items
-Fridays: 6v6, Legendary pokemon only, Held Items allowed, No Bag Items

-Saturdays: Network wide GLOBAL event day on the events servers.
-Sundays: The Pixelmon Open - $50 Store Giftcard and Alolan 7 Day Rank Access grand prize.

These events are held in our public discord of which you can find here: (Currently at 4.5k Members and 18/30 Boosts!) Winner of the last Pixelmon Open Sunday Tournament: Matan009

Thank you Trainers for your continued support and your absolutely awesome suggestions and more! Want to participate in betas, meetings, and more with the team running Anubis? Apply for our Player-Council or Staff Team using the helpful links below!

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