Hey Trainers! The Easter bunny has arrived onto Anubis, and has arranged a ton of activities and events. Hop on to enjoy our NEW EASTER WORLD! The following update will consist of: BRAND NEW TEXTURES, SHOP UPDATE, and the EASTER WORLD.

To accompany this update, we will be having a 50% OFF SALE!


Have you ever wanted to live your Easter fantasy? Well now you can by using /warp easter. In this world the main features are:

• Easter Events
• Easter Scavenger Hunt
• Easter Raidbosses

Players will have access to /easter for a limited time only! It contains everything new about this easter update which includes:
- Easter Raidbosses
- Easter Scavanger Hunt
- Easter Events
- Easter Tags
- Easter Textures
- Easter Event Gift Crates

Around the world there will be cherish balls hidden around the map, with Pokemon/items in them!


These BRAND NEW textured lineup! Are great for the Pixelmon collectors. These limited time textures will only be out for a certain period so go get them while you can! In order to obtain these textures, we are introducing them onto our store.

And now after a certain period of time we will be releasing these textures to the wild!


During the Easter week we will be hosting many events and random giveaways for this to happen we made the Easter gift crate which will be at the Easter world.

What is in the EASTER GIFT CRATE?
- Legendary Crate Key
- Ditto
- Blue Orb
- Red Orb
- Shiny Crate Key
- 200k
- 50 Tokens
- 64 Rare Candy's
- 1 Hour Shiny Booster
- 100k
- 250 Tokens
- 32 Rare Candy's
- 500k
- Mega Crate Key
- Easter Texture Crate Key

Of course we had to bring back custom raidbosses which will be textured with our special Easter textures! Which you can access at /warp easter


Don't forget about the NEW tags we release each update! You can get these tags by going onto the Anubis store!


We have added a highly requested category to the shop which is the Redstone category.
We have also made some of the miscellaneous items on Pixelmon sellable so starting players can make some money out of pixelmon drops!                                    


The Pixelmon-Open Tournament is a 6v6 Pixelmon Battle that will be held on EASTER the 4th of April!
This tournament will be held every Sunday on Pixelmon 2PM EST.

- Bag Clause
- Baton Pass Clause
- Baton Pass 1 Clause
- Endless Battle Clause
- OHKO Clause
- Sleep Clause
- Species Clause
- Evasion Clause

No banned Pokemon - This means even legends are allowed! Your legendary pokemon now serve a purpose in PvP combat! The format will be single elimination, meaning if you lose a battle, you are knocked out of the tournament! The final match will be a best of 3 battle. No pokemon are allowed to be exchanged during the tournament, meaning the team you sign up with you are stuck with ahead of time!


1st place) 25$ Store gift-card + Custom 1 of a kind Easter Lopunny. As a bonus you get a NPC representing you at /warp champion

2nd place) 15$ Store gift-card + Custom 1 of a kind Easter Cinderace

3rd place) 10$ Store gift-card + Custom 1 of a kind Easter Exeggutor

FEBRUARY 03/20/21-03/30/21 CHANGELOG

- Made Alolan kit one week instead of two.
- Fixed Spelling errors in /dexrewards.
- Fixed issues with the disguise crate.
- Added a /disguiselist function to see your disguises!
- Fixed an issue with level 39 of the battlepass.
- Altered the prices of Daycare to be much cheaper.
- Fixed issues with the Shiny and custom crates.

FEBRUARY 03/20/21-03/30/21 STAFF CHANGES

• st8farmjake - promoted to Jr. Admin
• bmd1 - Hired for Helper
• Screak - Brought on as Admin for the Summer
• Yip01 - Brought back on as Jr. Admin


Store: https://store.anubismc.com/
Anubis Public Discord: https://discord.gg/anubis
Anubis Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnubisMCS
Anubis YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLtSvt6qsm
Anubis Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anubismcserver/
Anubis TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@anubismcs?lang=e