The Erv Update | Pixelmon Update

Would you look at that! We’re back with another back to back update over on all of our Pixelmon realms! This is one juicy update we got in store for you! From new features to a ton of quality of life updates we got something for you.


  • /shop [Bulk Option]
  • Modpack Rewards
  • BattleTower GUI
  • Wondertrade
  • Backpacks
  • Dailies

/shop [Bulk Option]:

Long have we waited to be able to buy items in bulk! No more having to buy 1x items (well if you’d like you can), but now players will be able to buy stacks upon stacks for easier item management.

Modpack Rewards:

We’re always looking for more ways to support our players. Recently we’ve decided to add Modpack Rewards which essentially will give all players a reward for supporting our network through the usage of our very own Modpack!

BattleTower GUI:

New and reformed, our BattleTower is getting another update yet again! Say “hello” to our brand new & electrifying GUI!

Useful commands:

  • /warp battletower - travel to the Battle Tower
  • /tower enter (realm)
  • /tower exit - Exit the battle tower
  • /tower advance - Advance to the next floor once defeating the required amount of trainers


Looking to test your luck? Get a chance to trade any Pokémon of your choosing and have a chance to roll something even better! Our WonderTrade feature allows you to trade any rare or ordinary Pokémon and give you a shot at rolling even a Shiny Pokémon!

Useful commands:

  • /wt trade (Pokémon slot) - WonderTrade the Pokémon in the specified slot
  • /wt print - View summary info about the current pool of Pokémon
  • /wt confirm (Pokémon slot) - Confirms the trade you had originally issued


What’s a Pokémon trainer without his own very Backpack? That’s right, he isn’t one at all! All players who have the first rank on any of our Pixelmon Realms will have access to a Backpack!

Backpack Amounts:

  • 1st Rank gets 1x Backpack
  • 2nd Rank gets 2x Backpack
  • 3rd Rank gets 3x Backpack
  • 4th Rank gets 5x Backpack
  • 5th Rank gets 6x Backpack
  • 6th Rank gets 7x Backpack

Useful Command:

  • /backpack (Number)


Aside from building your base in Minecraft and becoming the best Pokémon master, we’re now introducing Daily Rewards! Complete challenges on the server on a day to day basis and gain brand new rewards from Pokeballs, Move HM’s & even including Rare Candies, we have it all!

Voting Competition:

Earlier in the month we spoke about a Voting Competition! We just wanted to mention that because of all your efforts the server moved from rank 58 all the way to the 17th spot! Voting helps the server grow and we ask for players to continue to vote and support Anubis!


As someone who has only been on the Anubis team for a month, I’m super happy with the progress we have made on the network. I’m glad everyone is enjoying the server, and hope that stays the same for many more updates! We sincerely appreciate all the players who play on the network on a day to day basis. I can assure you that we’re just getting started when it comes to new content & updates so make sure to stay tuned. With that being said, I’d also like to announce that we’re doing another 30% SALE on all STORE ITEMS! Make sure to grab your Pokeballs, you’ll need them! Thank you and will see you in the next announcement post.

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