Hey Trainers,

Our Pixelmon realm has brought out another NEW UPDATE for you trainers to ENJOY! The Following update consists of these following things: Safari Rework, New Raidboss area, Crates Rework, BiomeTP's Clean-up!

Along side this update we will be giving you guys a 40% OFF SALE!


With safari having not much pokemon to access and not being used as much we have decided to REWORK everything in the safari zone. We have added 200+ pokemon that now spawns there and also INCREASED the boss rates and shiny rates around the area.

Of course with us increasing and adding all of these pokemon to safari we have also decided to change the safari cost from:

10,000 poke dollars --> 25,000 poke dollars


We have decided to rework the raidboss area so it is much easier to use.
As you can see, we have moved the raidbosses to the shrines area where it is by spawn for new players to access.

Soon we will be adding much more raidbosses for you all to enjoy with more rewards to come in the future!


Crates being the most important thing for all you trainers! Of course we had to change the chances for you guys to benefit from, For an example the percentage rates have been changed for the raid boss crates and the exclusive z crystal crate.

You can also see we also changed ALL the crates at spawn to specific balls to much better.


This was a highly requested from the trainers and the player councils, we have decided to clean up the biome warps and we will be reconstructing each warp from time to time to look much presentable for new players to warp to and not see messy buildings.

Once this has been done it will look like a small town for you guys to rest up after a hard day of training!

we have also changed the random teleport cooldown from:
30 minutes --> 10 minutes

FEBRUARY 02/14/21-02/15/21 CHANGELOG

- Added over another 200 Pokemon to the /safari
- Fixed Swampert in the disguise crate
- Changed /rtp from 30 minutes to 10 minutes (Will be active on next restart )
- Fixed an issue with the Valentine’s crate not giving people an Aurorus
- Reduced Weakness Policy, Zygarde Cell & Mint Cuttings to 500 Betas (was 750)
- Buffed boss spawns, both mega and non-mega
- Changed the location of raidbosses to /warp shrines
- Fixed a bug with players being unable to /warp fightinggym on sword
- Repositioned a fairy gym NPC


-Adjusted ore shop prices
-New Gkits menu
-Added new Cupid Gkit
-Added Valentines Crate
-Crate rewards adjusted
-Added Valentines envoy crate

FEBRUARY 02/14/21-02/15/21 STAFF CHANGES

Esstarosa - Promoted Senior Mod
st8farmjake - Promoted to Senior Mod
Nitr0Nate - Promoted to Jr. Admin


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