Halloween Update | Pixelmon

Halloween descends across the Pixelmon realms.  Hop in now to enjoy spooky custom skins, festive decorations and Halloween themed daily raids!


Spooky Spawns
Halloween Custom Skins - Limited Time
Halloween Haunted Mansion
Halloween Raids
Zombie Crate

Spooky Spawns

Jump in game and check out our new spooky and scary spawns!  The spawns are decorated in celebration of Halloween and feature spiders, spiderwebs, and Halloween themed NPCs!

Halloween Skins

Limited Time Halloween skins will be available for the next two weeks!  These skins have been hand drawn for you guys by the incredibly talented Aya.  Check out a few of them below!  The rest you'll need to locate as part of the Halloween scavenger hunt.

Halloween Haunted Mansion

To add to the celebration, we have added a limited time spooky mansion!  Throughout the week we will be

Use /warp halloween

The Halloween mansion features a brand new scavenger hunt.   The hunt requires you to find all of the custom Halloween textured Pokemon within the Haunted Mansion area.  Completing the hunt will earn you a Zombie crate key!

Halloween Raid Bosses

Zombie Crates

As many of you know, venturing out into the wilderness it is possible to obtain Zombie Pokemon given the right conditions.  We know some of you spook easily, and wanted to make sure you have other ways to obtain these rare creatures.

ALL WEEK we will be running events, including the Halloween Raids and the Haunted Mansion that will give you chances to win these Zombie Crate Keys!

Other Halloween Events

During the course of the next week leading up to Halloween, we will also be running Halloween Boss Parties within the Haunted Mansion area, as well as opening up the Mansion for visitors later this week!  Stay tuned and keep your eyes on discord for additional event details!


Updates like this are my favorite part of being staff on a Pixelmon realm, and I really hope you all enjoy Halloween.  This update is just the start of things to come.  If you catch me in game, send me a message with your favorite Halloween texture, and let me know how you're liking the updates! To give you all a chance to grab these incredible skins (or anything else you've had your eye on) we will be holding a global 40% Sale which will end on Monday at 11:59 PM EST.

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