How To Breed Pixelmon & IV Breed

How to Breed Pixelmon & IV BreedStrong, Smart, Powerful Pokémon? Who wouldn’t love some? This Guide will teach you in depth FULLY about what you need to do to obtain the best of the best.

1. What you will need

So first, you will need a multitude of items and other resources to ensure that getting what you want will be as smooth as possible. Here is a full list of things you should have before you get started:

  • A fair amount of Pokedollars. You'll need this to pay for certain things that won't be immediately listed.
  • A set of 'Power' items (Weight, Bracer, Belt, Lens, Band, and Anklet). These will be for EV training, and IV breeding.
  • A Destiny Knot. This will also be for IV breeding.
  • An Everstone. This will be for breeding Natures.
  • Pokeballs, and a lot of them.
  • A Ranch.


  • A Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor to speed up egg hatching.
  • A Ditto. This will help along some of the breeding processes.
  • Pokemon that know moves that paralyze or sleep targets, and False Swipe. This makes catching Pokemon easier.
  • A supply of TM's, HM's, and rare minerals for move tutors.
  • Google. This will be handy for learning about a lot of things that are specific to what you want.
  • Patience. This process takes a while to get the absolute best and exactly what you want at the same time.

If you are still interested, read further

2. IV and EV Training

Since EV training comes once you have a pokemon you consider 'suitable' we'll start with IV breeding. To IV breed, you need to catch a large number of Wild pokemon and compare their IV values. Since the Realms server has the ability to check the IVs of a pokemon with
/ivs (slot#), you will find this part goes faster than in singleplayer or vanilla Pixelmon.

You don't have to catch the pokemon you're looking for specifically for this, just a pokemon within the same Egg group. Our example of Blaziken means we have to catch Field type pokemon. Common Pokemon from this group include Rattata, Sentret, and Whismur. All of these three pokemon have equal chances at being male or female, but I would personally suggest going for Whismur since it's also part of the Monster Egg group, allowing it to reach twice as many Pokemon for breeding (Increasing the odds it'll be useful later for other IV breeding projects).

So you started catching Whismur. What now? You typically discard any Whismur you catch that don't have a perfect IV (31) in at least 1 stat. Preferably, you want to catch one for each Perfect IV in each stat (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed), for a total of Six Whismur. If you want to include Hidden Power in your movesets, you can include a 30 IV (one below perfect) increasing the total to Twelve Whismur. If you need a calculator for Hidden Power, undefined

With your Whismur caught, now you need to start breeding (Explanation on how that works later into the guide). Start by taking two of your Whismur and giving them a corresponding Power item (For example if you want it to pass on it's 31/30 Special Attack, it needs a Power Lens while breeding). Afterwards you'll hatch a Whismur with two perfect IV's. You'll want to breed that one again, with one of the other perfect IV Whismur that has a stat it doesn't have yet. Give the 2 IV Whismur a Destiny Knot, and the other one the appropriate Power item, and let them go to work again. This'll get you a 3 IV Whismur. Again, you'll want to put the Destiny Knot on the 3 IV Whismur, and breed another one of the Whismur with a missing IV on it to get a 4 IV Whismur, and again with the 4 IV to get a 5 IV.

Next up, take the Whismur with the last IV, and breed it with another Whismur with a Nature you want to pass on. Natures grant a 10% bonus or penalty to two stats allowing for further optimization (However there are no Natures that affect HP). The Whismur with the IV should be holding the right Power item, and the Nature Whismur should be holding an Everstone. You should get a Whismur with the IV and the Nature you want.

You'll want to start breeding this Nature Whismur with the 5 IV Whismur. Put the Everstone on the Nature Whismur and keep breeding until you get a Whismur with the right nature and 2 target IV's. You'll replace the old Nature Whismur with this new one, and keep repeating this cycle to get a 3 IV Nature Whismur, 4 IV, then a 5 IV Nature Whismur. This might take a while.
In the end, you should have a Whismur with the desired Nature and 5 IV's, including the one your other 5 IV Whismur is missing.

At this point, Destiny Knot can only easily allow the transfer of 5 IV's, but this usually isn't a problem since most pokemon only need 5 IV's (For our example, Blaziken has a higher Attack than Special Attack, so perhaps you want to focus on Physical attacks, and can ignore the Special Attack Stat. However, if you want the absolutely Perfect 6 IV (100%), you'll need your two 5 IV Whismur. The algorithm will need to pull 5 perfect IVs from both parents, which is about a 1/3 chance, and has to generate a 31 (or 30 for Hidden Power builds) in the last stat, which is a 1/31 chance. The result means that it will be a 1/93 odds that you'll generate a perfect 100% Pokemon with the nature you want. You'll also want to make sure that the hatched result is MALE. This part is important.

Now you have a Perfect 6 IV Male Whismur with the right Nature. What now? You can skip 90% of the steps above now that you have a Pokemon with the IV's to pass down. All you got to get now is a female pokemon of the type you want to breed with the nature you want (So you just breed/catch the mother pokemon a lot until you get a female with the Nature you want), and breed the 6 IV with the desired pokemon. Congrats! You are the proud owner of an almost 100% optimized Torchic. Sorta? You still need to be concerned about Abilities and Egg Moves, which will be explained later in the guide.

As for EV training, you will find undefined on how to increase your EV's through training, but they are leaving out one part. There are ways to reduce your EV's in the case you find that you had miscalculated, or need to redistribute them for whatever reason. These come in the forms of 6 different berries, which also increase happiness as they take away the EV's.

Here's a short list of which berries reduce what EV's:

  • Pomeg Berry – Lowers a Pokémon's HP by 10 EVs. Increases Happiness.
  • Kelpsy Berry – Lowers a Pokémon's Attack by 10 EVs. Increases Happiness.
  • Qualot Berry – Lowers a Pokémon's Defense by 10 EVs. Increases Happiness.
  • Hondew Berry – Lowers a Pokémon's Special Attack by 10 EVs. Increases Happiness.
  • Grepa Berry – Lowers a Pokémon's Special Defense by 10 EVs. Increases Happiness.
  • Tamato Berry – Lowers a Pokémon's Speed by 10 EVs. Increases Happiness.

3. Breeding and Training

Breeding Pokemon in Pixelmon is different from regular Pokemon. You'll need to build a ranch with a suitable environment and place pokemon there in order for them to be happy enough to breed. While this sounds complicated, it's as simple as building a Ranch block, filling the 9x9 area around it with suitable materials, and putting two pokemon at it. undefined the Pixelmon Wiki should have you covered.
For information regarding what kinds of blocks to use Click Here!

4. Moves and Abilities

There are a number of moves that your Pokemon will learn simply by leveling up, but there's a few things to note about what moves your Pokemon can learn under what circumstances. Some moves can be learned by an earlier evolution of a Pokemon but not by it later, typically after it should have normally evolved. In our example, Torchic can learn Fire Spin at level 19, but Combusken and Blaziken cannot learn Fire Spin, even though Torchic evolves into Combusken at level 16. Be sure to check the previous evolutions of a Pokemon you intend to train to see if any moves learned prior to evolution are something to consider.

Additionally, your pokemon may learn moves from a different type of pokemon if that was one of it's parents and had a compatible move. These are egg moves. In our example, our Torchic might've learned Baton Pass if we chose Sentret as 6 IV father pokemon rather than Whismur.

Lastly, there are ways to teach them moves aside from breeding and leveling up. Outside sources, such as TM's and HM's provide on-the-spot learning of moves. TM's are one-use items, and HM's can be used as many times as desired. You also have two different Types of Move Tutors. The regular move tutors (Which can be found at spawn in Realms) teach a variety of niche or powerful moves that cost materials to teach, and the event move tutors (Which feature an even more specialized set of moves) which are currently not available on the server.

FYI To thinner things out we always have a /pokebuilder command