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  1. SyForge

    Oasis Monotype Tournament Signups!

    Hello guys!☺️ On July 1st there will be a 3v3 Random Monotype Tourney, which will be hosted by SyForge and cloutdrag. The tourney will be hosted on July 1st, which is a Saturday. Rules: -Teams will be 3v3 -We will be following /gymrules -Pokemon Levels will be raised to 100 -No healing items...
  2. SyForge


    I'm here to ask about duck tacos, Nice to meet u new person I've never met
  3. SyForge


    Hi! My name is Syforge, I am currently a builder for sword, but I've dabbled in a bit of staffing & Gym leader tings before... Gotta say that is just stressful so props to those staffing and the leaders who teach newer players on battling! I am currently 20 years of age and attending the...
  4. SyForge


    Whats your faviorite animal? imo i think bears are fun to hug dont you agree? nice to meet you person ive nevr talked to before
  5. SyForge


    One piece #1 frfr nice to meet you man ive never seen in mylife
  6. SyForge


    diamond 1? thats it? get gud nice to meet you person ive never talked to before in my lifetime on anubis
  7. SyForge


    You're 18?!? bro i thought you were in your mid 20's nice to meet you person ive never met before in my life
  8. SyForge

    Wie_Shu | Benny here c:

    god builder mans nice to meet u new person ive never met
  9. SyForge


    i heard you're very cool, is that true?!? nice to meet u
  10. SyForge


    Are you chill?? nice to meet u
  11. SyForge


    you need more flavor nice to meet u
  12. SyForge


    Your english is good wdym!? nice to meet u
  13. SyForge


    Are you THE professional?or just very professional? i need to know this nice to meet u
  14. SyForge


    You're insane at art, bigfan nice to meet u new person
  15. SyForge


    is you're faviorite food Shrimp?!?!
  16. SyForge


    i heard i can find a monkey around here is that true? nice to meet u
  17. SyForge


    Whos your faviorite basketball team? nice to meet you new person
  18. SyForge


    Helper please help, i have some guy named Im_Pika bullying me. Nice to meet you new person
  19. SyForge


    do you like cats or dogs more? nice to meet you
  20. SyForge

    Codysm Introduction

    whats you're opinion on Ho-Oh tho? nice to meet you
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