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    I'm here to ask about duck tacos, Nice to meet u new person I've never met
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    Hi! My name is Syforge, I am currently a builder for sword, but I've dabbled in a bit of staffing & Gym leader tings before... Gotta say that is just stressful so props to those staffing and the leaders who teach newer players on battling! I am currently 20 years of age and attending the...
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    Whats your faviorite animal? imo i think bears are fun to hug dont you agree? nice to meet you person ive nevr talked to before
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    One piece #1 frfr nice to meet you man ive never seen in mylife
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    diamond 1? thats it? get gud nice to meet you person ive never talked to before in my lifetime on anubis
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    You're 18?!? bro i thought you were in your mid 20's nice to meet you person ive never met before in my life
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    Wie_Shu | Benny here c:

    god builder mans nice to meet u new person ive never met
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    i heard you're very cool, is that true?!? nice to meet u
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    Are you chill?? nice to meet u
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    you need more flavor nice to meet u
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    Your english is good wdym!? nice to meet u
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    Are you THE professional?or just very professional? i need to know this nice to meet u
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    You're insane at art, bigfan nice to meet u new person
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    is you're faviorite food Shrimp?!?!
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    i heard i can find a monkey around here is that true? nice to meet u
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    Whos your faviorite basketball team? nice to meet you new person
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    Helper please help, i have some guy named Im_Pika bullying me. Nice to meet you new person
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    do you like cats or dogs more? nice to meet you
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    Codysm Introduction

    whats you're opinion on Ho-Oh tho? nice to meet you
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    xBagheera introduction

    Dani DeVito?!?1 Big fan, nice to meet u
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