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I can't log on?


New member
I have tried sevral times, even updated the mod, and I can't log onto on the server! Which is upsetting, as it's been a while since I've last played & I don't want to lose all my stuff. All I keep getting is the error "Failed to log in: null". If anybody can help, I would greatly appreciate it.


Aurora Gym-Manager / Sword Gym-Staff
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Hi Moonstrike! Here is a fix for hte problem that you are having!

Follow the steps below, provided that logging out and back in didn't work 1. Go to https://account.xbox.com/settings 2. If you're logged in already, make sure you're using the right account. Otherwise, log in. 3. If you don't have an Xbox account, it will ask you to make one, so make any account. This will direct you to the website. 4. If you scroll down, under your username and avatar it should say "Xbox one/windows 10 online safety" click on that 5. Scroll down until you see "You can join multiplayer games" allow or block, 6. Allow this 7. Relaunch Minecraft and you should be able to join

Sorry for the late response, For the future i recommended you join our discord server for fast and easy responses!
Link: https://discord.gg/anubismc


New member
Hi, I did this and it still wont let me play. Same error message too. I'm quite upset about this, I really liked the server & I've probably lost all my stuff by now. :(
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