New Hub & Survival Spawn | SERVER UPDATE

Hello Anubis players!

Exciting times are just around the corner with a series of updates over the course of the month of January! Today we will be showcasing a BRAND new Hub Lobby & Survival Spawn along with many new features included in them, a New Server MOTD to make it easier for us to display what's new on the network and MANY bug fixes/improvements.

Along with this update, we will be introducing a 40% OFF SALE on our Store until the end of WEEK!

New Hub Lobby

When we decided to make this new Hub Lobby, we wanted one key thing to shape how we build future lobbies including this one, and that is by making the experience in the lobbies more interactive for the players themselves. Below is a list of New Features introduced in this Hub Lobby update:

  • New Lobby.
  • New Server Selector.
  • New Interactive NPC’s around the map.
  • New Scoreboard.
  • 2x New NPC’s which include Anubis News and Anubis Media. Our Media NPC will show all of your websites and social media’s while our News NPC will fill you in on what is new to the network.
  • New Jump-Pads and particles. Pretty stuff!
  • Multiple New parkours including a Timer based one. Race against the clock to try to beat your friends' high scores!


New Survival Spawn

When we looked at our current Survival spawn, we noticed something that didn't catch our eye before, and that was the spawn point being too far away from most of the NPC's and Holograms causing them to unrender from view. With this new spawn, everything should be nice and close for all of them to render right as you spawn in.

With this new spawn, we have added one key feature that a lot of peoples were dying to have back.

  • Auctioneer reintroduced to Ruined Survival.

January 1/8/21-1/12/21 Changelog


  • Mobs no longer put you in combat
  • You can now do things like chat and open inventorys in combat
  • You no longer get put into combat for things like fall damage and other weird reasons
  • GrindingCaptcha has been removed completely
  • Netherite tools now work
  • Pets are disabled for now as they do not work with 1.16 yet
  • Fixed permissions for eGlow
  • Dispensers cannot be placed globally now

Origins & Sword

  • Fixed spelling mistakes in the chat triva plugin


  • Fixed a spelling error with the Z-Crystal crate


  • /Skills is now working again
  • DailyEvents are now working again
  • Disguises are now working again
  • SoundRegions are working again
  • Showdown is working again
  • Playerwarps are working again
  • Exclusive zCrystal crate is live
  • ReAdded the Shiny Ultra Beast Crate to spawn

Janaury 1/5/21-1/12/21 Staff Changes

  • Fuudge: Promoted to Sr.Admin
  • Wolfykyu: Promoted to Admin
  • nickk: Promoted to Admin
  • ImKinggg: Promoted to Admin
  • 7EST: Promoted to Admin
  • Pezy: Promoted to Jr.Admin (Prisons)
  • Av3ry18: Promoted to Jr.Admin
  • Sellinq: Promoted to Sr.Mod
  • Vqlence: Promoted to Sr.Mod
  • TheShinyLizard: Promoted to Sr.Mod
  • MexicanAvocados: Promoted to Sr.Mod
  • CaptainSavs: Promoted to Sr.Mod
  • Hwyper: Promoted to Sr.Mod
  • Tower: Promoted to Sr.Mod
  • Noahh: Promoted to Sr.Mod
  • ThunderDog62: Promoted to Mod
  • Yip01: Promoted to Mod
  • Squidblockz: Promoted to Mod
  • CibusVenatus: Promoted to Mod
  • YoungZim: Promoted to Helper
  • CaptainLater: Promoted to Helper
  • OmegaGoBrrrr: Promoted to Helper
  • ValeArche: Promoted to Helper
  • jstott12: Promoted to Helper
  • Visual: Promoted to Helper
  • TriggeredBarney: Promoted to Helper


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