Pixelmon Beginners Guide

Welcome to the AnubisMC Pixelmon Beginners Guide! This guide will cover all of our important things for all of our new pixelmon trainers! Who would like to learn more about pixelmon at AnubisMC. Enjoy your stay, if you have any queries please DM any Pixelmon Admin on discord!

Getting Started

You have just joined and started your official journey as a pixelmon trainer! To obtain your starter pokemon you have to do /starter, and choose your favourite starter pokemon from the selection menu displayed to you.

Pick carefully, our starters are always shiny and you can only pick once per account! Welcome Trainers, abide by the rules and enjoy your time here at AnubisMC


Voting plays a crucial part of your time on the server, not only does it support the server drastically, it also gives you some sweet rewards such as the vote crate and tokens. This is the link to the AnubisMC website where you can vote :

- https://anubismc.com/vote/

Upon opening the link, you will see 8 vote sites. If you vote on ALL of these sites, you will receive great rewards and a token bonus. You can vote every 24 hours for daily rewards. For receiving your rewards, you have to be online. If you have any issues with tickets, make a ticket on our discord.


On our server, tokens are a form of extremely valuable currency. Tokens are used on our function known as Pokebuilder where you can exchange your tokens in return for modifying your pokemon’s stats and appearance. Tokens are obtained through voting, buying them off the AnubisMC store, buying them off other players using the /pay function and through our trivias which happens every so often.


As previously mentioned, Pokebuilder uses tokens for its service. The feature is accessible through the command /builder. In the Pokebuilder, you can modify both the stats of a selected pokemon in your party, and the appearance. Here are some of the things you can change in the builder:

  • IVs and EVs Modifier
  • Nature Modifier
  • Shiny Modifier
  • Gender Modifier
  • Pokeball Modifier
  • Breedable Modifier
  • Hidden Ability Modifier
  • Growth Modifier


A few items are needed to begin making Poké Balls:

  • A crafting table
  • A furnace
  • A hammer of any given material
  • A Pixelmon anvil

Although each Poké Ball differs, they are all crafted similarly:

  • Smelt three Apricorns of the required colors for the desired Poké Ball
  • Lay them in a row on the crafting table to produce a disc from the Apricorns.

Firstly, you need to collect the required Apricorns for your specific pokeball you wish to craft and then smelt them.

Secondly, you need to make the discs. The example  on the left shows how discs are made.

Do the same thing that you did to the cooked apricorns to the aluminum/iron. There you can make the bottom part of the pokeball.

When the lids are hammered on a pixelmon anvil with a hammer you get the lids. When you combine the lids with a stone button, then you have a Pokeball.

RTP and Exploration

You have your pokeballs, your starter pokemon, and a whole lot of courage. You are now ready to go out to the outside world and start your journey to success. On AnubisMC, we have 2 methods to help you start your journey. Our first feature is Random Teleport more commonly known as RTP.

RTP sends you to a random place in the map, and has a cooldown of 30 minutes. It is very useful for exploring new places of the map you have never seen before and a perfect command to help you find a place to build a house/town or anything else! To use RTP type the command /rtp.

Our second feature is BiomeTP. Using the command /biometp you can access a GUI where you can select a biome of your choice to teleport to. If you select a biome, it teleports you directly to an area where you are free to build.

NPC Gyms and Player Gyms

On Anubis, we have 2 sets of gyms for you to fight. Our primary gyms are run by NPCs. By doing the command /gyms, you have the option to fight the NPC gyms.

Remember, you can only go from the lowest level gym up meaning it increases in difficulty.

On the left, you can see the /gyms menu for our Pixelmon Origins server. You have all the gyms plus the NPC elite four and the champion.

After completing all the NPC gyms you now have the option to use the /challenge feature. The /challenge feature lets the server have player gyms, as well as player run Elite Four, Champion, Rocket Grunt and Giovanni where you compete for the ranks and if you defend for a certain time you are granted special rewards!

On the right, you can see the player gyms we have on Origins as an example. Both Origins AND Sword have different player gyms.

Player Gym wise, on Origins we have the following type gyms:

  • Fire
  • Fighting
  • Psychic
  • Ice

On Swords however, we have these type gyms:

  • Electric
  • Fairy
  • Dark
  • Poison

If you hold a player gym, you do not get rewards and your team is given to you when you join the arena.
But on the other hand, if you hold a spot as an E4 or Rocket Grunt then you receive rewards every 24 hours by using the command /rewards. If you are a player Elite Four member then you are given an Elite Crate which is redeemable at the Player Elite four arena, On the other hand, if you hold the title of rocket grunt then you are granted a Rocket crate key which is at the /warp rocket arena.
If you hold the title of Giovanni or the Champion then you get the same rewards just in a 12 hour interval instead of 24 hours.

Important Areas and Warps

Ooh! Almost forgot, here is a list of important warps/commands that you should know.

  • /spawn - takes you to the set spawn
  • /warp crates - takes you to the crate area
  • /warp arena - takes you to the arena
  • /warp evtraining - takes you to the EV training area
  • /warp pokecenter - takes you to the pokecenter
  • /warp events - takes you to the event area
  • /warp rocket - takes you to the rocket area
  • /warp raidboss - takes you to the raidboss area
  • /warp leveltower - takes you to the leveltower
  • /warp battletower - takes you to the battletower
  • /hub - takes you to the global hub

GTS and Trading

Trading is an extremely important feature on Anubis, it encourages players to interact with each other and work towards their dream goals. To cater to this, the server has a few ways on how to trade both pokemon, items and money successfully and efficiently.

  1. Use /safetrade (Money, Pokemon and Items)
  2. Use /gift (Pokemon only)
  3. Use /pay (Money only)
  4. Use trading machines at /warp pokecenter (Pokemon Only)

Note: If any items/pokemon you think are lost when using /safetrade, check /safetrade storage.

The GTS feature is loosely based on the Pokemon Global Trading Station feature from the classic games. On the GTS, you can sell your items and Pokemon to the entire community.  It essentially acts as a “auction house” for yours and other people’s valuables.

The GTS is the core of the economy for AnubisMC.
You can list your items/pokemon on the GTS by doing the command /gts add or /gts sell.

Alternatively, you can use the command(s):

  • /gts add pokemon slot price
  • /gts add items amount slot price

To buy something off the gts, you firstly click on the item, then click on the panes around the item/pokemon to verify your decision and then lastly click the panes in the bottom to buy the item/pokemon.

Legendaries and Ultra Beasts

Legendaries and Ultra Beasts on AnubisMC are generally obtained in 2 ways.

  1. You get lucky and it spawns on you.
  2. Buying Crates from the Anubis Store.

Obtaining Legendaries through spawns
You might be wondering how to get legendaries to spawn on you.
Well, to get a legendary to spawn on you, you need to fit the specific requirements that the legendary has, specifically the time and location you are in. For an example:

Spawns at daytime in Extreme hills variants.

You can find where a pokemon spawns and what time it spawns by doing the command: /wiki pokemon biome and /wiki pokemon time!


In general, two Pokémon of opposite genders are required to breed. They also must both be part of the same Egg Group. This process will produce an Egg containing a level 1 Pokémon that is the base evolutionary form of the mother's Pokémon species.

To breed any Pokémon, a ranch block is required.

After placing down a ranch block, two Pokémon from the player's PC can be put into the ranch block. If these Pokémon are compatible for breeding, the breeding process will begin. The ranch block creates a 9x9 breeding area which is expandable with the use of a Ranch Upgrade.

To create a ranch block follow the crafting recipe to the left.
In order for two compatible Pokémon to breed, they must first love each other. In order for this to happen, the environment around them must be suitable for them, which can be achieved if there is a sufficient amount of blocks that are appropriate for the Pokémon's types.

With dual-typed Pokémon, blocks corresponding to either of the Pokémon's types will contribute to the Pokémon's satisfaction with the environment, but each individual block will contribute less than it would for a single-typed Pokémon.

It is also possible to immediately advance Pokémon by a breeding level by using Isi's Silver Hourglass or Isi's Golden Hourglass, obtainable from special drops. The breeding process will continue even if the chunk is unloaded.

When Pokemon are finished breeding, an egg is produced. To hatch the egg, the player must fly/walk. To check how many steps an egg has got left to hatch you can use the command /eggsteps slot to see.

More information can be found about breeding on the Pixelmon Wiki page.

Important commands and what they do.

Important commands list:

  • /towns - Shows a GUI of towns and warps to them.
  • /kits - allows you to claim your kits.
  • /claim
  • /wt - lets you wondertrade a pokemon of your choice.
  • /safari - opens a GUI where you can pay to enter a safari.
  • /gts - opens up the global ingame shop where players sell pokemon or items
  • /spawn
  • /checkspawns
  • /dailies
  • /rewards

Claiming in Pixelmon

  1. Do the command /kit claim to get your golden (claim) shovel.
  2. Hold the golden shovel in your hand.
  3. Select two opposite corners of the area you want to claim.
  4. Now you have a claimed area that you can use.

Make sure to claim everything, so other players cannot touch it.
Do not claim within 90 blocks of another player’s claim unless you have their permission.

To abandon your claim, do the command /abandonclaim or /abandonallclaims while standing in the claim. To trust others on your claim (to let them build and access chests etc.) run the command /trust name while standing in the claim. To remove someone's trust in your claim, do the same but /untrust name.

Ev Training

What Is EV Training? EV stands for Effort Value. The concept of training up your pokemon EV’s are to optimize them for competitive battling.

Imagine your pokemon stats. There’s HP. Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defence, and Speed. Each of these stats are useful depending on what pokemon needs what for battling.

Each stat that each individual pokemon has starts at 0 EV’s after fighting against different types of pokemon and the maximum amount of EV’s a pokemon can have in a single stat is 255 EV’s. The total number of EV’s across all six of the pokemon stats cannot exceed 510. 510 is the effective cap of your pokemon’s EV’s, which is enough to raise two stats to 255.

Where can you train your EV’s?

On our pixelmon realms you can train your EV’s at /warp EVtraining

This will take you to our training area to work on the specific EV’s for your competitive style.

Power Items
Power Items are used to increase a specific stat point on defeating a pokemon then originally.
Here’s a list of the six power items and which stat you should use each one for:

  • Power Weight for HP
  • Power Lens for Special Attack
  • Power Bracer for Attack
  • Power Band for Special Defence
  • Power Belt for Defence
  • Power Anklet for Speed

You can buy all these power items in /shop in game under the breeding category.

EV Reducing Berries
EV Reducing Berries are handy! Just in case you overtrain your pokemon or if you train the wrong EV. For example: You train Special Defence but you need Defence.

Here are some berries that removes EV’s and the stat they remove EV’s from:

  • Pomeg Berry lowers HP EV’s
  • Hondew Berry lowers Special Attack EV’s
  • Kelpsy Berry lowers Attack EV’s
  • Grepa Berry lowers Special Defence EV’s
  • Qualot Berry lowers Defence EV’s
  • Tamato Berry  lowers Speed EV’s


As previously said, AnubisMC has 2 Pixelmon Servers known as Swords and Origins. Some players may want to play both realms or may want to move to the complete other server. To transfer your Pokemon, we have a feature called Pokevault or more commonly known as Pv. To access the menu to send your pokemon across realms, use the command /pv.

As seen on the screenshot to the left, upon using the command you are presented with a menu.

Click on the apple and select the Pokemon you wish to transfer. After doing this, go to the server which you want the Pokemon to go to and repeat the command /pv and pull it out there.


Wonder Trade generates a "pool" of Pokémon that will be swapped for specified Pokémon in players' parties if they choose to conduct a wonder trade. The Pokémon generated in this pool are completely random and not affected by the normal rarities of Pokémon in the wild, meaning that Pokémon normally unobtainable in the wild can be in the wonder trade pool. Legendary Pokémon and Shiny Pokémon may also be generated in the pool. To do Wondertrade, enter the command /wt in chat and a menu similar to the one at the right will display on your screen. Then, select the pokemon you wish to trade and confirm it. Your pokemon is then traded and you are given a random pokemon out of the Wondertrade pool and exchanged with yours.


The Hunt feature we have makes finding certain Pokemon in the wild fun and rewardable. It displays 7 Pokemon in each tier for you to go and find out in the wild. The plugin has three tiers:




The harder the tier, the better rewards you get but as you can guess, the harder the Pokemon are to obtain.

To access it, use the command /hunt. There you are displayed with the menu to the left, and upon clicking one of the tiers you can see what Pokemon are available for you to catch, see above.

When catching one of the Pokemon on the hunt selection, the chest will turn to an enderchest where you can click on it to receive your rewards for that specific hunt. Please note, evolving/hatching or any other method of obtaining a Pokemon other than catching it will NOT count.