Hello Trainers! Today we're announcing a quality of life update we've been working on for a short bit, as well as new changes to our store. We are also announcing an event planned for this weekend on Sunday the 26th at 3 pm EST - More information available on our Discord. Alongside this update, we are now hosting a weekend sale - 30% off everything storewide. (Ending Monday)

For this month, we also have some planned new releases going into the end of May, including the potential of Skyblock, Towny, Survival, and Pixelmon Updates! Thank you guys so much for supporting the server and playing on Anubis! Remember, we've rebranded from PokeTown and are now AnubisMC. Update changelog below:

  • Disabled Chicken & Animal spawns in all Spawns on all 3 Regions (Pixelmon)
  • Added links to guides now posted on the forums in-game (Pixelmon)
  • Created guides for processes like Breeding & Getting Started (Pixelmon)
  • Removed Anvil Drop sound from server selectors (Hub)
  • Added PCs & Healers to EV Training rooms on all regions (Pixelmon)
  • Converted EV Trainers to spawners on all regions (Pixelmon)
  • Added JEI to the official mod pack (Pixelmon)
  • Added the server resource pack to the forums (Pixelmon)
  • Disabled colored chat from default rank (Pixelmon)
  • Updated warps and warp menus on all servers, as well as /gyms (Pixelmon)
  • Added the /texturepack command (Pixelmon)
  • Dropped prices of a lot of things on the store (Pixelmon)
  • Added a new "Bundles" category
  • Added chorus flowers to Shield shop (Pixelmon)
  • Fixed /back (Pixelmon)
  • Added new gyms to Sword and Shield
  • Setup battle towers on Sword and Shield
  • Added altar shrine on Shield
  • (Nearly done on sword as well)