Origins Reforged | Pixelmon Update

Hey Trainers,

Aoros here with another Pixelmon update! So aside from new content, we’ve been focusing on the overall quality of the network, and as a result, we decided that our spawn deserved some much needed love! Without further ado, I’d like to present the new spawn:


Ever thought about encountering a rare Pokemon? Even if your answer was no, Shrines is the place to be. Have a view on some of the rarest Pokemon in the game, and the rituals needed to summon them in-game. From Arceus to the mythical trio-birds, we have included it all!

EV Trainer:

Within the EV Trainer, you’ll be able to actively train your Pokemon by battling other Pokemon. This includes leveling up, attack/defense stats. If you’re super competitive, this is the place you’ll want to be to make the most out of your Pokemon.

Level Tower:

Oh a Level Tower? Just like the name says, a Level Tower is here to make grinding EXP more enjoyable. Here you’ll be able to test your strengths and go through a series of trainer battles in order to reach the top. Throughout the process, you’ll also be leveling up your Pokemon and ensuring they get stronger!

Gyms Reforged:

Just like in the old days, Pokemon has always been a grind game. From the feeling you get when beating the first gym to how you feel when your first Pokemon evolves, you have done it all. Our new take on Gyms focuses to capture that exact feeling. The way Gyms will work now is you’ll have to take on and beat every Gym one by one. This means that you won’t be able to challenge the last gym before beating the very first one. Within each gym your Pokemon will also have a set level they’ll need to be in order to qualify for a challenge. Lastly, in order to battle the Gym Leader, you’ll need to beat a certain amount of trainers within the gym.

The Elite Four:

Just like in every Pokemon adventure, you’re bound to face the best of the best, and to truly be the best, you gotta beat them. For the first time ever, we’re making it so after you challenge and beat all the Gyms, you’ll have an opportunity to face the famous Elite Four. By securing a win against the four best trainers, you will have secured your spot as the best trainer in the region.


  • Beating an Elite Four member will give you $10,000 in-game
  • Defeating the Champion will grant you a Master Ball, Legend Key, and Soul Badge


We were so excited to bring this update to you all. As mentioned in our last update post, we’re working everyday to improve the quality of life on Pixelmon. The work we do here sure isn’t easy, but we know it’s worth it when we see players have the opportunity to come online & enjoy themselves. With school starting back up, we’re glad to see players coming to Anbuis to relax and enjoy themselves with staff & other community members. As always, no update is perfect without a SALE to go with it, so ENJOY THE 50% GLOBAL STORE SALE!

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