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The cornerstone of this update is built around the introduction of multi-player Pokemon Raids.  Think you're strong enough to take down a massive Mega Charizard?  Now you can prove it!


New PokeRaids!
BattleTower Upgrades
New BattleTower Shop
Random Teleport
Pokebuilder Features

New PokeRaids

Massive, incredibly strong Pokemon have been spotted across our realms.  Players worthy of defeating these beasts will be rewarded handsomely.

These beefy Pokemon are incredibly strong, and range in difficulty from Tier 1 to Tier 6.  Keep an eye on chat, as you will be able to teleport to the location of these boss encounters by clicking on the announcement post!

Raid Bosses are not for the feint of heart.  A tier 1 boss is a formidable opponent, and a Tier 4 or higher Mega Boss will require the might of 10 or more well prepared trainers just to bring them down.

Where do I find these beasts?

Raid bosses will spawn periodically, and as part of server-wide events!  Players will also be able to spend their hard earned tokens in order to spawn these bosses for the entire server to battle against!

The player who summons these bosses will be rewarded with a Boss Crate key of the corresponding tier, with additional keys going to the players who deal the most damage while taking down these behemoths!

Battle Tower Update

We figured it was about time to give the battle tower some love.  Not only will the battletower now auto-advance you to the next floor, it will also reward you with Betas.  This new currency can be used in the battle tower shop to purchase rare items!

Use /shop and take a look at all the rare items that are now available right at your fingertips.  Mega stones, legendary spawning items and much much more!

Random Teleport

After a significant amount of work by our developers, we have re-introduced random teleport, which will allow players to find a random spot in the wilderness, somewhere all their own that they can call home!

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I'm looking forward to seeing all of you go out there and challenge these bosses, built specifically to test the resolve of the most dedicated players on the server, while also providing a chance for new players to get some loot to start their journey.  In the coming days, we will be launching a completely new Sword spawn, unveiling a re-vamped GTS and adding additional members to the player Elite Four.  We've got tons of additional features slated for later this month, and I can't wait to share every single one of them with you all!

To celebrate this update, and to give you a chance to take down these bosses, we will be hosting a 40% Sale which will end on Saturday at 11:59 PM EST.   Good Luck!

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