The Prisons Space Realm Release - Map 1

Hey Prisoners!

We are glad to introduce that a brand new Prisons Realm is releasing! The demand exceeded our supply and to correct this issue the Management Team has decided to open up a 2nd Realm! YouTubers Headed, Br0 & 09Sharkboy will join you on your Space Adventures!

Space is releasing THIS weekend, November 14th @ 3pm EST! The Arcade Realm is set to launch Map 2 on the 28th with Map 1 ending on the 14th, the same day as Space Realm Launch. Arcade Realm will go down at 2PM EST and payouts will be done before Space Realm release.

Cell Banks / Activity

Cell-Top is now calculated through a new Cell Depositing System. When depositing into the Cell Bank the money will be automatically deducted from your balance, this cannot be withdrawn at all. All money that is deposited will be displayed on /cell top which will be updated every 30 seconds.

/cell deposit  - Deposits into the Cell Bank, Numbers and letters can be used (eg; 100M or 100000000)

Cell Activity:
This is a great way of monitoring what goes on within your Cell even if you were offline! For now, this only displays depositing but in the near future we are looking into this becoming a lot more useful!
This displays the Newest to Oldest of deposits.

/cell activity  - View your Cells previous deposits


Backpacks are a handy item that gives you Extra Inventory Space! These are only obtainable on first-time-join and you only get 1 so be sure to keep good care of it!
Your Backpack is automatically given Tier 1 which is 2 rows of space.

Backpacks are able to be upgraded too! "Backpack Upgrade Gems" can be purchased on /beaconshop using Beacons, simply click and drop onto your existing Backpack and it'll be upgraded.

Tier 2 Gem: 4 Rows of total space.
Tier 3 Gem: 6 Rows of total space.

Just like Arcade Realm, Payouts for Space Realm will be the exact same and are done weekly!

PRIS-TOP #1: $120 PayPal, $100 Buycraft‌‌
PRIS-TOP #2: $60 PayPal, $65 Buycraft‌‌
PRIS-TOP #3: $20 PayPal, $30 Buycraft‌‌
PRIS-TOP #4: $20 Buycraft‌‌
PRIS-TOP #5: $10 Buycraft

- Added NEW Competition Rules
- Buffed Cubed 2 & 3
- Increased Money Pet XP
- Fixed Nuke and Miner Pet leveling issues
- Fixed being able to hit Cell Members in Warp PvP
- Fixed invincibility in PvP Beacon Mines
- Fixed various issues with Pets
- Fixed various other small bugs

I am extremely excited to release our second Prisons Realm, And stoked to have Headed and 09Sharkboy as Partners. This is just the start of new features that are coming to Anubis Prisons, And I am excited to see what the future holds! To get the Release Hype going, we will be hosting a 50% off Prisons wide Sale on release day, Which is confirmed for November 14th @ 3pm EST!

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