Prove Your Might | Pixelmon Update

This update includes a complete overhaul of the Sands spawn, as well as the introduction of player gyms and a huge update to the Player Elite Four!


New Sands Spawn
Sands Elite Four Challenge
Player Gyms - Origins/Shield/Sands
Player Elite Four - Origins/Shield/Sands
Exclusive Elite Rewards

New Sands Spawn

Special thanks to our builders Riana and Cory for providing an outstanding PokéSands spawn revamp! Take a look:

Sands Elite Four Challenge

With the release of the new spawn on Sands, eight new NPC gyms have been added.  After defeating all these gyms, the Elite Four awaits!  The first player to defeat the NPC Elite Four on Sands will claim the one of a kind Elite Rayquaza as their own.

Player Gyms

We are also incredibly excited to release new player gyms on Origins, Shield and Sands! Players who have defeated all 8 NPC gyms have the ability to challenge their peers in the new player gyms.  Some of our most active players will also have the opportunity to be gym leaders.  These gym leaders will defend the Gym using a pre-built team, so come prepared for a grueling battle!

Relevant Commands:

/badges player

Player Elite Four

Think you have what it takes to hold a spot in the Player Elite Four?  Maybe you even think you would be worthy of the title CHAMPION.  Players will now be able to compete with one another for these spots.

All Elite Four and Champion battles will take place in designated arenas, and will be fought with your own pokemon.  Defeat an Elite Four member and you'll claim their spot!

Players who manage to hold these spots for 24 hours (Elite Four) or 12 hours (Champion) will be able to use /rewards or /elitefourrewards to claim prizes!

Exclusive Elite Rewards

Players who hold top spots in the Player Elite Four will be able to claim an Elite Key every 24 hours!  That means every day you'll be taking home at least $100,000 pokedollars, plus the chance to win exclusive skins unobtainable anywhere else.

The contents of the Elite Crate will periodically rotate what items are available, and we'll be releasing more "Elite" Skins as well!


We hope everyone enjoys this massive update, especially the OG players over on PokéSands! These changes that are brought will bring a fresh new direction in how you should be playing on the network, and give you the opportunity to prove your strength amongst your peers. As we mentioned in our last post, October is a big month in the history of Anubis and we're thankful for every single one of you that come online everyday and support the network. We're truly blessed with a fantastic community, and that's why our staff-team works as hard as they do! To celebrate this PokéSands update, we will be hosting a whopping 40% Sale which will end on Thursday at 11:59 PM EST.

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