Hey Travellers,

It's time for the long awaited Survival Quality of Life update, and we've got it for you! The following update will consist of: New Shop, Mob Stacking, Star Merchant, Villager Breeding/Jobs and Community Spawners!

With this update we will be having a 35% OFF SALE!


We have listened to the player council and added new categories to the shop including but not limited to: Passive Mob Spawners, Food Shop, an entirely revamped farming shop, and overall improvements to the shop.

There's plenty of new items in the shop, hop on to check it out for yourselves!


For all the travellers out there! We have brought back MOB STACKING! Which will be much easier for you all to grind to receive your loot and experience levels.
Mobs will not naturally stack, They will only stack in spawners.


We have introduced a STAR MERCHANT into survival to obtain nether stars which will be used for an future update, Trade your valuables in for nether stars rather having to grind for those pesky wither skeleton skulls.


After hearing community requests! Villagers can now breed and take on jobs throughout the village, that's right your farmers can now farm!

Here's a list of Villager professions:
• Nitwits
• Armorer
• Butchers
• Cartographer
• Cleric
• Farmer
• Fishermen
• Fletcher
• Leatherworker
• Librarian
• Stone mason
• Shepherd
• Toolsmith
• Weaponsmith
• Cotton Picker


In addition to our Mob Stacking, we've added a hostile and passive mob grinder to spawn. Here you can grind blazes, or farm animals so get yourself some EXP and Food! Do /warp grinder to access it.

FEBRUARY 02/24/21-02/26/21 CHANGELOG

- Switched out Shulker in the Minecraft Misc shop with book
- Modified Prices in Rocket Raidboss to correlate well with new token prices
- Updated /kitsmenu to display Nitro kit changes

- Clear-lag no longer removes minecarts
- /repair cooldown reduced to 2 hours.
- Mobs no longer combat tag players - PvP in resource world is now disabled
- Certain messages in /shop fixed - Prices adjusted for ores
- Removed Valentines Crates and Valentines Envoy Crates

FEBRUARY 02/24/21-02/26/21 STAFF CHANGES

14PiaR09 - Returned as a Junior Admin
Kiddzy185 - Promoted to Helper


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