We've got a huge update for you, featuring some of the most requested features from players, exclusive textures for players that prove themselves worthy, a new spawn for Pixelmon Shield, and much more!


PokeShield Spawn, Gyms, Elite Four
New Mines
Legendary & Vote Crate
New Pokestops
Tokens from Dex Rewards
Anubis Helper
Hunt Update
BattleTower Update
New Anubis Textures (Egyptian)
Elite Skins (First to beat the Elite Four

PokeShield Spawn, Gyms, Elite Four

As mentioned in our last post, we're slowly but surely updating all Pixelmon realms with our  spawn update and this time around, it's happening on Shield! This will also include all brand new Gyms & Elite Four!

More info regarding the new Gyms & The Elite Four can be found in our last post:

New Mines

Today marks the official release of our brand new mines! Looking to get special ores? Thinking about putting in some work for the good of the community? This is your way to go ahead and do exactly that!

Command: /minewarps

This command will bring you to the Mine Warp selector!

Alolan Mine
Ore Mine
Sand Mine
Wood Mine
Clay Mine

New Legendary & Vote Crate

We have improved the rewards for the vote crate by introducing Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Arceus as possible rewards!  These Legendary Pokemon have also been removed from the Legendary Crate, so you'll have more opportunities to obtain the other desirable Pokemon from that crate as well!

New Pokestops

Just like in Pokemon Go, PokeStops are here to help you obtain some free goodies! By right clicking on a PokeStop, you'll have a chance to get free prizes just for playing on the network.

Command: /pokestop

This command will give you access to test your luck & get free rewards.

Tokens from Dex Rewards

Prizes, prizes, and more prizes! Completing the Pokedex will land you a ton of rewards ranging from Pokeballs, In-game money, Rare Candies, Keys, and now tokens! This is a massive change, so make sure you're actively working on completing your Pokedex!

Command: /dexrewards

This command will open up the Pokedex realm rewards!

Anubis Helper

The Anubis Helper is a new item that is given to all players upon first joining a Pixelmon realm.  Right clicking it will open a helpful menu to guide you on your adventure.  Not a new player? Don't worry! You can use /kit noob to obtain the Anubis Helper, or use /noob to open the menu directly!

Command: /noob, /kit noob

This command will give you everything you need to know about how to play Anubis Pixelmon!

Command: /guides

We know our server can be pretty complex especially if you're new so /guides will provide an option to teach you the basics of what our network has to offer!

Oh and if for some reason, you're not a fan of the GUI, we got you covered!

Command: /guide <guide-name>

This will give you access to your own book that will include all server commands & what each command will do.

Pokemon Hunt

PokeHunts now reward tokens!  This is your opportunity to get out there and obtain tokens which will allow you to fine tune your Pokemon to become powerhouses!

Command: /hunt

This command will open up the list of Pokemon currently being hunted!

BattleTower Tokens

Tokens can now be achieved by going through the BattleTower as well! As mentioned before, we're always looking for new ways to better the rewards, so we hope you enjoy this update!

New Anubis Textures (Egyptian)

We're back with brand new Pokemon textures! The theme of them this time around will be Egyptian so we do hope you enjoy them! If you'd like to see a specific Pokemon texture made, let us know!

Elite Skins

Beating the Elite Four is a big deal, and to make sure you all know this, we're giving exclusive rewards to the first trainer to beat the Elite Four on each realm! Good luck & have fun Trainers.  A huge shoutout to Oobiwan for claiming the Elite Regigigas by defeating the entire Elite Four first on Origins!


You heard this right, we have finally re-formed Tournaments!  New tournaments will be rolling out within the next week and players will be able to enter staff held tournaments automatically. This will include 1v1s/2v2s bracket style matches. Prizes will be issued to the winners of the event so make sure you not only have your best Pokemon, but also are bringing your A game to the battle!


Any seasoned veteran is familiar with GTS, but they have also dealt with some of the flaws within the system.  This week we will be rolling out a revamped GTS which will feel very similar, but will perform much better than the old GTS!

Command: /gts, /gts sell

Other Changes:

· Unowns hidden around the Origins and Shield spawns, use /scavengerhunt to begin your search!

· The shop now features an emerald that will show your balance

· Diamond sell price has been reduced to bring it in line with other minerals

· Wave Incense sell price has been reduced

· Various bugfixes on our Ruined Survival realm


We hope you enjoyed this update, and as always, no update is good without a sale so starting today, we will be doing a 50% GLOBAL SALE which will last until 11:59 PM Monday! Take advantage of this sale, and I wish you the best on your journey to becoming a Pokemon Master!

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