Skyblock Beginner's Guide | Getting Started

Hello Explorers! Welcome to the 1.15.2 Skyblock Server! If you're reading this, it means you needed a bit of support and a how-to on the best ways to get started. In this guide, we're going to cover all of the relevant features, the best ways to get around, and how to get started with your islands.

The official launch for Skyblock Amethyst is Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 @ 3pm EST

Relevant Features:
-Island Challenges & Quests
-Bosses, Forts, & Crate Rewards
-Custom Enchants
-Koths, Envoys, & Outposts
-Voting & Vote Parties
-Cosmetics & Pets,

Getting Started:
Welcome to the server! Once you're a new join and want to get started, you'll have to run the command "/is". "IS" is short for "Island," and is used an abbreviation or alias for all island commands. You can create a new island and choose from a Western Design, Snowy, Forest, Fantasy, and Classic Skyblock experience.

Looking to play OneBlock skyblock? You can do so by executing the command "/ob". You may have both a oneblock island and your regular skyblock island at the same time! Islands may have up to 8 members and you may only reset your island 5 times maximum, per player. There is also a secret island, the Mansion island, only available to the Top Rank donors on each realm.

Island Challenges & Quests
Around the spawn area, you'll find many NPCs who will give out quests! Complete the quest actions for rewards and attempt to do them all! Our Skyblock experience features over 75 Quests! You can view your current active quests and more via the quest journal, which can be acquired by running the command "/quests journal".

Once you've created an island, you can run the command "/is challenges" to view the list of attainable challenges. Challenges are sorted by difficulty and more difficult challenges are unlocked by completing prior ones. Challenges and Quests are a great source of early game income and should make up the majority of your first week on Skyblock!

LuckyBlocks are an extremely exciting gamble. Craftable in game by surrounding a Diamond with Gold Blocks, once placed and broken they will have a 50/50 chance of rewarding you with something amazing or potentially ruining your experience! Use at your own risk and be aware they have the potential to edit terrain!

Mobs have souls, and when farmed you have a chance to harvest those souls in the form of Coins. You can view your soulcoin balance in the scoreboard and spend them in the "/mobcoins" shop. Certain items are available permanently for sale while other items come and go!

Minions are little servants who help you complete and automate tasks! Minions are attainable both in game and on the Tebex Store! You can purchase Minions from the "/minions" shop. You may have a maximum of 8 on your island, more dependent on which donator rank you have.

Bosses, Forts, & Crate Rewards
Anubis features a unique system of adventure, the Forts system! Around the warzone are pathways and tunnels leading to separate Fort locations. Forts are protected areas with plenty of Mobs and a singular Raidboss each time. Kill the Bosses within the warzone (of which there are 4) to receive a Boss Crate! Boss Crates are a great way to grind and get rare rewards in the midgame.

McMMO is another core feature of the server, being the premier RPG system used across Anubis. McMMO features leveling in Fishing, Mining, Farming, and more! Outside of actually grinding the task, Voting is a great way to receive free McMMO credits.

Custom Enchants
By executing the command "/ce" you can access custom enchants and choose between three categories of enchants. Each category sells enchants of varying rarity and levels. Enchants have a % success and fail rate when applied to equipment.

If an enchant fails, it will break the armor piece it attempted to be applied to. Certain enchants may only be applied to certain pieces of equipment, and all armor/weapons/tools have a maximum amount of enchants that can be applied to them.

Koths, Envoys, and the Outpost
Within the warzone, there are plenty of reoccurring events to keep you busy and give you and your island mates an edge over other islands. Envoys occur once an hour an spawn 50 lootable chests within the warzone full of rewards. Koths occur once every 2 hours and are a capture point style event. Win the KoTH by maintaining control for the required duration and receive a Koth Crate as a reward. The Outpost is a permanent, 24/7 capture event. Whoever maintains control of the outpost receives periodic repeating rewards.

Voting & Vote Parties
Voting is the primary way to get started early game within the economy. Votes reward you with McMMO vouchers, Money, XP, LuckyBlocks, and vote keys for each vote. Vote Parties occur when everyone on the server votes an X amount of time and gives all currently online players at the time a reward.

OneBlock is a unique gamemode where you are stranded in the void on top of a single block. But there is a twist: you can mine the block as much as you want. Access the oneblock gamemode by executing the command "/ob" or by speaking to the oneblock NPC in spawn. Credit for the gamemode is inspired by:

Cosmetics & Pets
You can access and purchase pets in game or on our store via the "/pets" menu. Pets give you bonuses and special effects while in your hot bar. Some pets have passive traits while others require activation via right clicking.

Cosmetics can be won and earned via the Battlepass. Complete levels to earn access to rare and epic cosmetics like "/emotes" and "/trails".