Skyblock Release & Survival Realm Updates

Hello Explorers! Mistazel here with a posting regarding the now official Skyblock Release and a new major update/overhaul to our Survival 1.15.2 Realm! To begin with, we've got exciting news for each. Skyblock is officially out of beta and now in full release!

Ruined Survival Updates:
To start with, we have a lot of new content that has hit the survival server in the wake of the booming popularity of the Skyblock realm. We saw how much attention Skyblock was receiving and felt like Survival needed a little bit of love too.

The first part of this update addresses PvP and Combat on the server. Survival now features a /warp pvp arena fully equipped with an outpost and KoTH system that can be captured every 2 hours. Upon capture, the KoTH will reward you with a KoTH crate. Alongside these, we've also introduced a three tiered custom enchants system (/ce) as well as new Gkits for players to enjoy and participate with in combat! Gkits can be acquired on the store.

Once every hour within the warp pvp arena, an envoy will occur. The envoys are crates that fall out of the sky and give out vote rewards among other rarities, helping to inspire combat and pvp within the arena.

Skyblock Full Release:
It's official, Skyblock has left it's beta and is now on official release! We peaked over 100 concurrent players and now Shark and Moose have officially begun their series on the Oneblock and Islands versions of the server! Check out the progress below and our new records and milestones passed:

These milestones are becoming nothing short of common and I am so proud of our team and the community behind this server! I mean LOOK at our Discord:


Skyblock is now open and will be receiving content updates while we try to focus on optimization and bringing the max player cap from 150 to the end goal of being able to hold 350 players on the realm at 20 TPS solid.

In celebration of all of the milestones, we're hosting a midweek MADNESS sale for 30% off Everything globally!

Thank you guys again for supporting us throughout this journey. Skyblock, Towny, and more coming soon! Give us a shout on Discord if you like our work or just want to hang out with the community! We also have an ongoing giveaway in our main discord! Join it from the links below to participate in weekly giveaways on our server :D

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