Something Dark Stirs | Pixelmon Update

The highly anticipated, brand new Sword spawn is just the beginning of this feature packed update!


New Sword Spawn
Sword Elite Four Challenge
Player Gyms/Elite Four - Sword
The HUNT - new and better than ever
Wild Things
Halloween Update

New Sword Spawn

The Sword spawn has received a long-overdue face-lift.  Cory and Riana have created another absolutely incredible spawn for trainers to begin (or continue) their journey!

Sword Elite Four Challenge

With a new spawn comes another daunting challenge for the trainers of the realm.  Sword has been updated to include 8 brand new NPC gyms as well as an NPC Elite Four.  

The first player to defeat the NPC Elite Four on Sword will claim the one of a kind Elite Reshiram as their own.  This highly sought after texture is the last of the four one-of-a-kind textures, and as such the Elite Four challenge is likely to be the most difficult so far.  The Victory Road awaits.

Player Gyms

With the release of NPC Gyms, the players of Sword will also now have the opportunity to become Player Gym leaders for themselves, as well as challenging their peers for a spot as a Player Elite Four member!

For additional information on player gyms, check out our previous post:

Prove Your Might | Pixelmon Update
This update includes a complete overhaul of the Sands spawn, as well as the introduction of player gyms and a huge update to the Player Elite Four!

The Hunt! - All Realms

Veterans will recognize hunt and the automatic broadcast messages letting you know that specific Pokemon can be caught for bonus rewards.  We have completely revamped this system to make hunts more rewarding both for YOU and for the ENTIRE SERVER

The hunt is on - Hunts can be classified into 3 categories.  Easy, Hard and Expert.

Move quick though! These generous rewards can only be claimed once per server, so if you want to snag the rewards for yourself, you'll have to outpace your fellow trainers.

As an added bonus, if the server is able to complete all of the Easy, Hard and Expert hunts within 24 hours, every player will be rewarded with a crate key!

Wild Things and Where to Find Them

This update brings a ton of new features, and also 50 more Wild theme textures, available for every one of you to catch in game!  I leave the search up to you guys, but here's a sneak peak of some of the Pokemon that will be waiting for you out there.

Changes and Bugfixes

Player vaults have been re-added! Use /pv to transfer your Pokemon realm to realm
PWiki has been re-enabled! /pwiki <pokemonName>
Voting on all sites now grants a bonus reward of 35 tokens!
Player stats can be viewed using /stats
Hidden Ability and growth re-added to /pokebuilder
The command /bal will display all currencies at once!
Reboots will no longer kick you from the server - but will move you to the hub
Items can once again be dropped in the battle tower


As we cross the mid-point of October, if you're anything like me, you've got Halloween on your mind.  Don't worry – we've got another update on the way, including Halloween textures, events and MUCH more. A special shout out to the players I've been able to chat with both on Discord and in game, the feedback and input from all of you means we are able to deliver updates that match what you all want to see.  Without you guys, we wouldn't be able to do what we enjoy doing, and that's making content for you!  To celebrate, we'll be holding a global 35% Sale which will end on Friday at 11:59 PM EST.

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