Steady Improvements | New Sneak Peeks

We always said when we started our goal was to be the biggest and best Minecraft server out there. That requires an immense level of effort, attention to detail, and quality development. As we've undergone this journey, we've made apparent focuses on feature development, system management, and our staff team's quality. Trainers have noticed many changes in game, and today it's time to talk about a few of them.

Recently, BiteForce and PokeTown merged, creating a new empire: Anubis.
3 Pixelmon Realms, 2 Creative Realms, incoming Towny, Survival, and Skyblock realms, and soon: Factions & Prisons. Let's get into today's updateon AnubisMC, one of which was aided by our upper management team of Formats, ignZak, Chaufa, Ryva, Ervcat, LFR,  Surplexed, & screak.

To begin with, we have a new hub! The hub finally reflects our server and it's theme and is here to stay. You can find our new hub in game immediately.

New Hub Build, Available in-game Now!

Outside of the hub, we're currently aware of the crashing issues affecting our Origins and Sword realms. A lot of this comes down to the immense playercount on the realms but is also in part due to the Daycare system and GTS. You may see downtime throughout the week as we strive to fix these issues. We apologize in advanced for any inconveniences these downtimes may cause.

Alongside this, we have also begun and launched our very own Anubis YouTube channel, featuring news and staff interviews to keep the community up to date on all things Anubis, and provide closer looks and sneak peeks on what goes on behind the scenes that we cannot always share. You can find the first video below and subscribe to them for future content and updates:

Later today, you'll be seeing a catalog update and a new crate in game for our final batch of custom textures for the season, Sundered Pokemon. A crispier take on classic favorites, of which I have a sneak peek for here:

Sundered Venosaur Texture - Available in-game May 6th

We also have sneak peeks for survival's spawn below and Towny's custom adventure map, both of which we are excited to have more news and content on throughout the month of May, and their soon to be impending releases.

Survival's Spawn, featuring 1.15.2 compatibility only.
The adventure map for our upcoming 1.15.2 Towny Server.

Alongside all of these updates and sneak peaks, we have news regarding this passed week: The winner of our 2nd ever Pixelmon tournament, held on the Sword realm: Tirin! Tirin clutched up his first place victory against CaptainSavs, leaving him in 2nd place. An honorable mention to RiseDaGoat, our 3rd place runner up.

Tournaments are held every Sunday, and if you're interested in participating we suggest you sign up early and train your Pixelmon up in advanced! Each week we select a new realm to host the tournament on, and after this week's tournament, all tournaments will officially have a Cash Prize for the winners, so get training!

Not to mention, it is also May the 4th and Revenge of the 5th. Being a big Star Wars fan myself, (Rip Qui Gon), I've hosted a 30% off Global store sale until the 6th. A sale of this caliber would make even the critical Jedi Master Plo-Koon proud.

STARTING NEXT MONDAY: Paid Pokemon Tournaments, Daily mini events and tournaments, as well as the beginning of the Paid Showdown Bracket. Get your wallets ready, it's time to earn money playing Pixelmon! More info on that next week.

And of course, a massive thank you to our community again. None of this is possible without you trainers. You're the best community a server could ask for. Keep having fun, stay awesome, and have a good time on Anubis!