McMMO | Survival Update

Hey there Travellers!  After reading your suggestions and holding your patience, we're finally rolling out our Survival McMMO update!  With this update comes a load of new content for you to enjoy with your friends!

With this update we'll be having a 40% off Sale on all Survival packages until Friday 4/9!


We've implemented a whole suite of new features with our McMMO update!  All players will have access, with a max level of 300 for all skills!  Donators will recieve passive McMMO XP Boosts as follows:

Artisan - Official: 1.1x XP Booster

Noble - Vizer: 1.5x XP Booster

Pharoah: 2.5x XP Booster

And all donators will recieve a kit available every 21 Days that gives them an McMMO Credit Voucher between 10-50 Credits!

New Rankup's:

With our McMMO update we've also added new /rankup's in-game: "Withered", "Fallen", and "Ascended" these new rankup's come with new kits, /pv's and more claim blocks, along with Skill Unlocks with each new rank!

Withered: Unlocks Archery Skill

Fallen: Unlocks Unarmed Skill

Ascended: Unlocks Axes skill

Along with these new /rankup's comes new kits as well, these kits come with items such as Black Scrolls, White Scrolls, and Much more!  Hop on today and try them out!

Valley Of Kings:

Get into the Easter Spirit, because Valley of Kings has already started!  Enjoy new seasonal mobs: Flower Bomber, Undead Gardner, and Zombie Rabbit!

And of course the new Easter Boss The Rabbit of Caerbannog! Though he might appear unsuspecting, this rabbit packs a powerful punch!

Rabbit of Caerbannog

With the Easter Spirit there is also a new artifact on the way.. The Easter Basket! When held in your off-hand slot it reduces incoming knockback by 20% and increases your armor by 3 bars!  This can only be obtained by killing The Rabbit of Caerbannog!  Best of luck!

Custom Armor Sets:

We've also added 3 new armor sets with accompanying weapons that give you special buffs while equipped, you can apply custom enchants to these as well!

Assassin Set:
- Deal additional damage in close melee combat

Rabbit Set:
- When equipped gives the player Jump Boost 3, Speed 3, and Regeneration 1

Dragon Set:
- Burns players in a 5 block radius of you

Minor Changes:

  • Envoy Crate Overhaul, and new Envoy crate tier "Rare"
  • Removal of /ah, to be completely replaced by player warps and markets
  • New Enchant "Blubber" Reduces incoming damage by up to 24% depending on level, and based on the amount of players nearby
  • New feature /withdraw (To withdraw money notes) and /xpbottle (To withdraw Experience Bottles)
  • Added new April Monthly Crate

3/20/21 - 4/03/21 Changelog:


- Added a /disguiselist function to see your disguises!
- Fixed an issue with level 39 of the battlepass.
- Altered the prices of Daycare to be much cheaper.
- Fixed issues with the Shiny and custom crates.
- Added a redstone section to the shop.
- Switched out Rocket Wooper for Mega Mewtwo in Rocket raidboss.
- Added Rocket and Easter textures to /textures.
- Buffed amount of PC boxes by 20 (60 > 80)
- Significantly buffed the Event crate
- Celebi can now naturally spawn (Sunflower Plains/Flower Forest at Day)
- Voting rewards and Vote Crate have been buffed
- All menus have been animated and updated!

3/20/21- 4/03/21 Staff Changes:

Screak - Brought back on as Admin
Yip01: Brought back on as Jr. Admin
Esstarosa: Resigned
Squidblockz: Resigned
Kiddzy: Promoted to Moderator
Hisoka: Brought back on a Sr. Moderator
DemonicLies: Hired as Helper


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