Survival's 1 Year Update | Survival

One year ago, Survival's beta was released and with that a whole new gameplay for the AnubisMC Network, allowing friend's group to form, people fighting in PvP for loot and people enjoying our weekly events. If you've been here long enough, you've seen plenty of changes come and go, so to celebrate Survival's first year we've decided to do a radical change of our look, as well as adding some new features for you to enjoy!

New Colors

For the last year our colors have always been yellow and orange, but with the introduction of Oasis, which became our main world, our colors are going to now match with Oasis' beauriful light red and pink, with some hints of purple. We have changed most, if not all, of our GUIs, holograms, etc to our new colors for you to enjoy!

New Scoreboard

After one year of having the same scoreboard to the right of the screen, we decided to give the Scoreboard a revamp, adding importany information, like your ranks o rankup, as well as your balance and skill powers. Don't worry, we've left the vote section how it was, so continue voting for future vote parties!

New GUIs

All of our GUIs have switched its colors and icons to match our new look, however, two new GUIs have been added. A /vote GUI has been added, that it shows all of the sites you can vote in, as well as the rewards you will get everytime you vote.

A new /rules GUIs has also been adding, replacing /srules, and it explains every rule very thoroughly so that they can be easily understood.

Celebration Tags

New tags to celebrate survival's 1st year have also been added, so you can chow your friends how long have you been survivng for!

More Sell prices and New Shop

As requested, we've added more sellable items to /shop so you can grind and get paid for it! As well as giving /shop a new clean look! Use /shop to check it out!

Revamp of the KOTH Crate

By Popular demand, Koth crate has been updated with some new and better loot. Introducing trackers, an item you can add to your tools, to track how many players or mobs you've killed as well as how many blocks you've mine with the tool!

New MiniGame

You can now play football matches with your friends in /warp soccer. To start a game just approach the field, and you'll be asked to choose a team (red or blue) and score goals in the opponent's goal with the ball by pushing it! Each goal is marked with a block to symbolize which goal belongs to which team! To leave a game you can just walk out of the field.

Minor Changes

  • Fixed the Scoreboard dissapearing Bug
  • Changed some icons from /newbie, removing unused Menus

04/24/2021 - 05/14/2021 ChangeLog


  • Base 8 gyms are back
  • Magma and Aqua Gyms are back
  • Scavenger Hunts are back
  • Fixed an issue regarding revered Kommo-o in the custom texture crate
  • Fixed spelling issues on PokeTrivia
  • Changed vote tokens to Pokebuilder Tokens
  • Fixed Crate Messages
  • Fixed Plushie Crate not giving some plushies
  • Added /warp mine as a warp
  • Added a warp and information feature in Scavenger Hunt
  • Removed the list in /kits and replaced it with a menu
  • Fixed shop duplicates
  • Fixed Battle Pass Tiers not giving out rewards
  • Increased Daily/Famous Side Boss Rewards


  • Fixed grammar in vote messages
  • Lowered Vote Party to 50
  • Updated /ranks to display new skill boosts per rank
  • Added new automessages regarding Oasis and Staff applications
  • Fixed Scribe prefix gaps
  • Fixed the Nether Hunter and the Nether Armorer in the Nether Spawn
  • Fixed an envoy crate issue regarding White Scrolls
  • Gave all players access to /envoy time to see when the next envoy is
  • Pistons can niw be placed and activated in Lands
  • Fixed a spacing issue with the Anubis tag
  • Updated CEs overall
  • Changed Godly Overload's effects
  • Updated Anubis, Explorer, Cosmetics and Vote Crates
  • Added Season, Seasonal, AntiCE and Master of CEs Tags
  • Updated the Event's Calendar
  • Fixed a Spelling Mistake in Pharaoh in tab and chat
  • Reverted some CEs original types
  • Added XP as a possible reward in the Vote Crate
  • Added the ability for land owners to join other lands
  • Now every player can join up to 2 lands
  • Allowed Lands in the Resource World
  • Removed Claims
  • Lowered the Price of Lands
  • Remove claim blocks from voting rewards
  • Remove the Wings CE
  • Dissabled PvP in the immediate warp to Oasis
  • Fixed an issue with Atomic Detonate
  • Allowed all versions from 1.7 to play on Survival
  • Member of the same land can now PvP in the wilderness
  • Fixed the issue that caused Crashing
  • Owners of lands or any member with the appropriate flag can now withdraw the money from the land's bank.
  • People can now be banned from any Land

04/24/2021 - 05/14/2021 Staff Changes:

  • Cobra: Promoted to Mod
  • Wiz: Promoted to Mod
  • Eva: Promoted to Admin
  • JustGotRedstoned: Brought on as Helper
  • alealejandro: Brought on as Helper
  • PikaPeace28: Brought on as Helper
  • Tanker_Skull1997: Brought on as Helper

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