Hello Pixelmon Trainers!

It's that time again, a new Pixelmon update! The following update will consist of these things: Battle tower change, Ore mines, Bundles on the store, Move tutors, Pixelmon shop and a brand New player gym!

And to enjoy this update there will be a  40% OFF SALE! and x2 skills boost for the weekend.

Battle Tower

The update for the battle tower is a big increase for you guys to start using it again!
We have changed the amount of betas you get from each trainer, And also changed the battle shop.


Floors 1-3 - 1 Betas
Floors 4-5 - 2 Betas


Floors 1-3 - 10 Betas
Floors 4-5 - 20 Betas

Battle Shop  

If you have a look into the battle shop you have noticed that we have changed most of the prices realistically to fit the shop. We have also added a new section to the battle shop Misc Items, were we added a small amount of items players consistently wanted in the shop.

Misc Items:
Red Cards
Silver Bottle Cap
Gold Bottle Cap
Weakness Policy
Reveal Glass
Mint Seeds
Strong Shiny Lure

Ore Mines

We have changed the stone ratio from 50% down to 30% so there will be more ore increase!
The Ores shop have been organized easier to locate different ores between Minecraft Ores and Pixelmon Ores.

If you haven't noticed we changed the prices of selling your ores.
For Example you will get more money if you smelt your ores and have them as ingots rather then having it in a block.

Store Bundles

The pixelmon bundles in the store have been reduced down by $10!
With the bundles being reduced we have decided to also add two new bundles,
Which are the Templar Texture Bundle and the Samurai Texture Bundle.

Move Tutors

Every week we decided to change the move tutor at spawn to benefit you trainers to find the correct move that you are looking for competitively.

Pixelmon Shop

We have simplified the blocks shop for it to be easier to access and operate.
Also we have added new blocks into the shop:

• Coloured Stained Glass
• Coloured Wool
• Concrete Powder

Here is an example of the new and improved block shop!

New Player Gym

Finally to end of this update we have decided to bring out a newly formed player gym! The Ultra Beast Player gym where the gym leader will have a full team of ultra beasts.

Only the OG's will remember this place

Robin133231 will be the gym leader until someone defeats him.

JANUARY 01/23/21-01/27/21 CHANGELOG


• Removed the cooldowns on NPCs in Level Tower
• Rocket player gym is now fixed (they can accept challenges now!)

JANUARY 01/23/21-01/27/21 STAFF CHANGES

• Av3ry: Promoted to Admin
• OmegaGoBrrrr: Promoted to Moderator


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