The Global Cleanup

Hello Trainers! Mistazel here coming at you with an absolutely monstrous update! Today we are unveiling our brand new site, brand new store, brand new textures, and a host of quality updates! These updates have been in the works for WEEKS now and we have not been able to announce them as we wanted to make sure things were finished and ready to go.

Now let's jump right into it! We now have a new site that no longer incorporates a forums page. This means that Discord is our new forums and all forms of applications will be moved there. Staff Apps, YouTuber apps, and Support will now be on our Discord which you can find here: We also have a new store design! On our new site, you can now Join our Mailing list to get cool emails about these updates and keep up to date, as well as be reminded about our sales schedules and new partner announcements!

Speaking of Discord, our Discord officially passed Over 3,000 Trainers! Which is absolutely incredible, as just 10 days ago we passed our 2,000 member milestone! Not only is this incredible, it's motivating for the team. Alongside this, we've also reached 18 Nitro Boosters on Discord! That's only 12 away from the Vanity Url which is incredible! We want to say thank you to our Trainers who have gone the extra mile and boosted us.

Pixelmon Updates (Sword, Shield, & Origins

  • The EV Trainer has been updated.
    • Aggron replaced with Poliwrath,
    • Crobat replaced with Pidgeotto,
    • added Audino to XP Grind floor.
  • Fixes across all 3 servrs including pokebuilder and missing NPCs.
  • Added Shadow Crates and Shadow Legendary crates in game.
  • Added God Crates (a brand new texture set) to all three servers.
  • Added Revered Crates and Revered Legendary crates in game.

Alongside this update, we have new legendary promotions to announce. Our admins ignZak & Chaufa have been promoted to Senior Administration. Zak and Chaufa have been hard working each and every day on PokeTown and Anubis to ensure the highest quality across the network and the smoothest running events. They've also been apart of our team since before we started, making sure we could even get to where we are today. Without them, our network would be nowhere near as high quality.

To celebrate these updates, and to foreshadow for the new ones coming soon, we're hosting a 20% off Sale for the next 3 days, (ending May 4th). You can check our new prices, and new store design, on the store tab! Just click the glowing icon to be transferred.

Thank you trainers,