The Heroic Update | Pixelmon Update

Greetings Trainers! I heard there are villains here on Pixelmon, do not worry the heros are here to save us! We have brought out a brand new HERO WORLD, MARVEL TEXTURES, TOKEN SHOPS and much more! Make sure to do /marvel in-game to see all the new changes! To accompany this update, we will be having a 40% OFF SALE!


Did you ever dream about being a hero or a villain? Well now you can live out your fantasies by using /warp hero.


Our main feature in this update is brand new MARVEL themed textures. These limited time textures will only be out for a certain period so go get them while you can! In order to obtain these textures, you can find the Heroic crates on our store NOW!


On this update, we have introduced a brand new sleek TOKEN SHOP for you players to spend your tokens on valuable items such as crate keys, legendary items and more to come! Access the token shop by typing /token now!


We've heard many suggestions to add plushies, and we finally have! Plushies are static statues which you can place in your base as decoration. You can find these plushies on the Anubis store where you can purchase them, or you can purchase them using your vote points which you can obtain through voting for the server using /vote.


For the next three days only, we will half the price on all the categories in the PokeBuilder. You trainers better get modifying your pokemon, the Pokebuilder sale will not last long. Do /pokebuilder in-game to take advantage of the sale!


With a new update brings new tags! In this update, we have introduced brand new marvel themed tags. You can get these tags by going onto the Anubis store!

MARCH/APRIL 03/20/21-04/17/21 CHANGELOG

- Base 8 Gyms are back.
- Magma and Aqua Gyms are back.
- Scavenger Hunts are back.
- Fixed an issue regarding Revered Kommo-o in the custom texture crate.
- Blocked wild Pokemon and NPCs from spawning in spawn
- Fixed Money and EXP Pouches
- Given Permission to do /xpbottle to all players
- Voting rewards have been buffed
- Updated the AutoMessages in chat
- Updated /vote so that links are easier to click
- Blocked /pweather, /ptime, /heal and /feed commands on /warp pvp
- Fixed a Spelling mistake in /rperks
- Fixed ArmorSets and ArmorSets Weapons
- Added the ArmorSets trader by the Valley Of Kings NPC
- Fixed /rw tp
- Fixed the /disguises menu
- Updated CEs overall
- Changed Godly Overload's effects ~
- Updated Anubis, Explorer, Cosmetics and Vote Crates
- Added Season, Seasonal, AntiCE and Master of CEs Tags
- Updated the Event's Weekly Calendar
- Fixed a spelling mistake in Pharaoh in Tab and Chat
- Reverted some CEs original Types
- Added XP as a possible reward in the Vote Crate
- Added the ability for land owners to join other lands
- Now every player can join up to 2 lands (apart from its own)
- Changed some Menus
- Fixed a spacing issue with the Anubis tag
- Pistons can now be placed and activated in Oasis and in Lands
- Gave all players access to /envoy time to see when the next envoy is
- Fixed an envoy crate issue regarding white scrolls
- Fixed the Nether Hunter and the Nether Armorer in the Nether Spawn
- Updated /ranks to display new skill boosts per rank
- Added new automessages regarding Oasis and staff applications
- Fixed Scribe prefix gaps
- Fixed grammar in vote messages
- Lowered vote party to 50 (Was 100)
- Added the permission for flight in Resource World and Oasis

APRIL/MAY 03/20/21-05/3/21 STAFF CHANGES

  • DemonicLies - Hired for Helper
  • LeCookie - Hired for Helper
  • evalynch916 - Promoted to Sr.Mod
  • st8farmjake - Promoted to Admin
  • Yip01 - Promoted to Admin
  • The_Wiz_Pikachu - Hired for Helper
  • Oaliverpool - Returned from Leave
  • DemonicLies - Promoted to Mod
  • LeCookie - Promoted to Mod
  • OmegaGoBrrrr - Promoted to Sr.Admin
  • Pia - Promoted to Sr.Admin
  • ThunderDog - Promoted to Sr.Admin
  • The_Wiz_Pikachu - Promoted to Mod
  • MrCobra0 - Promoted to Mod


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