The Pixelmon Advancements Update | Update 1.5

Hello Trainers! DeadBoss here giving you news on a new update here on the Pixelmon side of Anubis! We are introducing PokeSkills, PokeTeams and a recoded version of our Boosters plugin. We have also added a new music plugin, with a variety of different sounds. Along with that, we have made a way to link your Minecraft account to your discord account.

Starting off with the PokeSkills Plugin! PokeSkills, is a new way to play Pixelmon. It brings you a purpose for grinding out mining, catching, and training in Pixelmon. In this plugin we have 6 different categories for you to level up.

We have Training Skills, Trapping Skills (Catching), Mining Skills, Woodcutting Skills, Farming Skills, and Fishing Skills. Each category gives perks dependent on how high the level of the skill is. There are also Vouchers which are an item received mainly from events which will allow you to redeem skill points to your skill bank, allowing you to spend them on whatever skill you want.

Here are some basic commands related to the PokeSkills plugin that will help you on your way:

- /skills: Displays information about all skills

- /skills <skill>: Displays player level in given skill

- /skills top: Displays total xp leaderboard

- /skills top <skill>: Displays xp leaderboard in the given skill

- /skills redeem <skill> <amount>: Redeems voucher points in the given skill

The PokeSkills GUI. Access this by typing in /sredeem

Up next we have PokeTeams! Poketeams is a plugin based off the Pokemon GO team system. Basically, you get to choose between 3 different teams. Valor, Instinct, and Mystic are the 3 options for the different teams and with these teams comes some challenges that lead to big rewards. Players may execute a command to prompt a GUI to select a team. Players may only be on one team at a time, so be careful which team you choose, as once selected you cannot change teams! Each team features unique rewards at the end of each Showdown season. Every 30 days at the end of a ShowDown season, players may select and join a new team.

Teams will calculate the average ShowDown ELO of their respective members and total them up to display when players hover over their icons in the GUI. The team with the highest average ELO at the end of a ShowDown season will reward all of its members who participated in at least 5 Ranked ShowDown matches. At the end of each ShowDown season, the top 3 placing players with the highest average ELO, regardless of what team they participate in, will receive additional rewards for their placement.

All rewards are housed in a virtual inventory that can be claimed using a command. This allows players with full inventories to still claim their rewards and to do so at any time throughout the year. ShowDown and Team rewards may accumulate, meaning the system referenced in prior will be able to store data long term.

Simply type /teams in order to access the GUI below.

PokeTeams GUI. Access this by typing /teams

Next up we got our new Custom Sound plugin. Those of you who never play with your sound on, you're in for a treat! All you Original Pokemon Fans might recognize some of the Music we have implemented in our servers.

With over 30 different sounds, every gym has a different song as well as the spawn region and more! You will hear things from the Main Pokemon Theme song all the way to specific songs from Black and White and more!

If you use our modpack while playing on the server you will be able to adjust sound, but be aware if you are not on our modpack and are using our texture pack on a different modpack, you will still hear all the music just fine, although you wont be able to change the volume.

We also have a new in-game to Discord linking system! When you type the command /link in-game, you will receive a command in chat to use in our #bot-commands channel in order to link your Minecraft account to our Discord! When you boost our server this will also automatically give you the Nitro rewards in game!

That's the end of the patch notes everybody! Thank all of you for all of your support and for making the AnubisMC community what it is today! We love to make new content for you trainers to play and enjoy! In celebration of the new update, there will be a 35% OFF global sale when this update goes live!

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