The Pixelmon Revolution | Update 1.3

Hello Trainers! Mistazel here coming at you live with a new update from the Pixelmon team here on Anubis! Today we're introducing player shops, pets, and a New Trading system!

Starting off with the New Trading System! A highly requested feature on the Pixelmon servers, the trading system allows you to safely trade money, pixelmon, and items through a convenient GUI globally! No longer do you have to wait for individual Pixelmon trades and spam chat, now you can trade hundreds of pixelmon at once! You may also confirm or deny trades to prevent being scammed!

The trading menu UI.

Our second big feature addition is the new Pets system. Now, you can use the command /petblock and customize and make your very own little petblock to follow you around! Pets are cute, fun little additions we felt like would help add more personality to the server as a whole, outside of just Pixelmon!

An example pet, Surplexed's "Stormtrooper Pet."

Select from a wide variety of 100+ skins and samples for your pet, ranging from Star-Wars esque themes to the Magic Schoolbus through our intuitive UI system. Simply runt he command /petblocks in game and have at it! And yes, just like the trading system, this feature is free. No donor rank required!

Petblock UI System. Name your pets, call them, and reskin them! (/petblocks)

Our final addition to the server is the addition of player shops in game to all of the Pixelmon realms. Ever wanted to sell your items locally and not just on the GTS? Want to make your town come alive by setting up restaurants, bakeries, stores, and even casinos? Our new player-shops chest system is ridiculously smooth and cool and adds to the ambiance of any local town warp.

The chest-shop tutorial setup on each realm.

Simply begin by placing a chest. Place the item you wish to sell int he chest (try to restrict your sales to one item type per chest setup). Use the /as create command to put a price on the item. Follow up by running the /as setprice command to edit your pricing! Players may have a maximum of 10 shops per person. If you want to get rid of an old shop, simply break the sign!

Did we mention we also have a new YouTube Channel upload? Our channel now has an animated intro, outro, subtitling, professional thumbnails, and even music! This means the video quality is specatular and I encourage you guys to subscribe to the Anubis channel! We're almost at 100 subs. Check out the latest upload here and catch an interview with a very special player in game:

Final changelog for the Pixelmon update today below:
-Added a "competitive-discussion" channel to the main discord where players can seek advice and help for comp lineups.
-Brought on a new partner, "BraniacMadness."
-Fixed /pwiki on all realms
-Re-added weather to all realms
-Fixed the crate areas on each pixelmon realm
-Added an animated discord icon (
-Added a "changelog" channel on discord
-Reduced /timedhatch cooldown from 12 hours to 1 hour for donors.
-Fixed survival mode issue on Creative-RP
-Removed lag from Survival

Thank you guys again for supporting us throughout this journey. We're already at 50% of our donation goal for this month, meaning we'll be able to expand heavily and put out more of the gamemodes you all know and love. We're hosting a 20% off sale on all keys on our store and 30% off all Survival and Creative packages for the next 7 days. Give us a shout on Discord if you like our work or just want to hang out with the community!

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