The PokeSands Realm Release

Hello Trainers! Today we're announcing the release of a brand new adventure on AnubisMC: PokeSands! Our 4th ever addition to the Pixelmon Realms lineup on our custom Reforged Modpack!

Journey through the realm of Egypt in our own custom take on a Sandy adventure, featuring 8 new gyms with TM/HM Rewards, a New Tiered Battle Tower, and a brand new Maximum Sized PvP Arena.

PokeSands opens officially today and will b in a beta period for 1 week until full release. All players will be able to join and as usual Alolan rank will be auto-transfered to be active on the realm as well.

Along with our PokeSands release, we have a new updated section on the store for purchasing ranks and rank upgrades. Ranks and Rank Upgrades for our pixelmon realms are now merged into one category, rather than 8 sub categories to make it simpler to navigate the store. You can now just purchase a tier rank and select the realm to execute the rewards on. If I want top rank on Sword for example, I'd buy the Tier 5 rank package and select "Sword" as my home server on the drop down menu as found here:

Alongside this, we've recently passed new Milestones, reaching 500 Concurrent players yesterday and passing 9,500 players in our Discord!

Due to these crazy new milestones and releases, we've activated a week long 35% off Sale on our Store globally, as well as posting new videos and tweets commemorating the celebrations. Find them below:

We have the best community out of all other servers period. Nobody grows this fast and we've done nothing but plow through milestones each week. We genuinely appreciate all of our players and trainers as without you this wouldn't be possible.

Just 4 months ago, we had 10 total players. Now we're pushing 600!

Give us a shout on Discord if you like our work or just want to hang out with the community! We also have an ongoing giveaway in our main discord! Join it from the links below to participate in weekly giveaways on our server :D

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