The Prisons Arcade Realm - Map 2

Hey Prisoners!

We are happy to introduce that Arcade Realm Map 2 will commence on the 28th of November at 3PM EST. With this release we have a lot of new features in stock, and I think you're going to love these!

If you were playing Space Map 1, We will be having the final Payout meeting on November 28th at 2PM EST, 1 hour before Arcade Map 2 begins - I will aim to have your Buycraft & PayPal rewards given before Arcade release.

With Space Map 1, There were 2 new main features that made this realm different; Cell Banks & Backpacks. Both of these features gained a lot of positive feedback, this means that they both will be introduced onto Arcade Map 2 alongside the other NEW features!

What's new to Arcade Map 2?

Cell Banks
NEW - Summoners (Bosses)
NEW - Beacon Gatherer
NEW - BattlePass
NEW - DeliveryMan
+ Several other small changes

Boss Summoners are a great way of getting OP Items at great luck. Summoners are obtainable through Spawn Crates, Monthly Crates, Partner Vaults and from the Store.
Summoners can be placed anywhere in /warp pvp.

Hyperion being the weakest and less deadly out of the 2, It deals lower amounts of damage than the Cronus, but it gets stronger the lower health it has. Minions will spawn, projectiles will be thrown and debuffs will be dealt as time progresses.

Cronus being the strongest and more deadly out of the 2, It deals high amounts of damage, and gets stronger the lower health it has. Minions will spawn, projectiles will be thrown and debuffs will be dealt as time progresses.

There are 3 Tiers of rewards;
The Skull, Flesh and Soul.
Tier rewards vary in reward amounts and are given to the top 6 Damage Dealt Players!

#1 Damage will receive the Skull
#2 and #3 will receive the Flesh
#4, #5 and #6 will receive the Soul

BEACON GATHERER: (Enchantment)
Beacon-Gatherer is a new Enchant that has been added to /enchant. While purchasing it with Tokens, It gives you a random chance to double the amount of Beacons that you Mine anywhere.

If you mine them at /warp beacon you will have a chance at gaining 2.
If you mine them at /warp pvp you will have a chance at gaining 4.

BattlePasses are now introduced into the game. Upon completing challenges you will gain XP which will be put towards rewards! There is a free and premium version, The premium version can be purchased on the store here.
Rewards vary depending on the Tier level, The higher the Tiers you are the better the rewards are! BattlePass rewards can be viewed by doing /bp in-game.

DeliveryMan is here to grant you with several rewards! Rewards vary depending on the challenge that you complete, Completing these is a MUST! All rewards that are on offer can be claimed once per day. You can access, view and claim rewards from the DeliveryMan at spawn.

What does he offer?

- Prestige Rewards
- Multiple Blocks Mined Rewards
- Daily Rewards

With the new arrives of Partners; Headed, Char, Sean_YT and JustDash.
Partner Vaults are a new way to support your favorite Partner here on AnubisMC.
They're slightly more OP than the Monthly Crates we have now and each Partner has their own, With their very own unique titles!
Show off your unique Partner Titles off by having a chance at winning any of their 3 Titles!

The way that Multipliers are displayed and calculated have now changed. Changing these has made them far more balanced and now allows you to stack and redeem multiple Multipliers. Multipliers are now split into separate categories and give a in depth detail on where your Multiplier is coming from.

The Max Rank Multiplier you can have is 2.5x
The Max Redeemable Multiplier you can have is 10x
The Max Prestige Multiplier you can have is 10x

When wearing a Money Pet, Your "Active Pets" % will change

With the new DeliveryMan Rewards, We have introduced another requirement to Prestiging. Instead of just mining regular blocks then prestiging, We have now implemented Beacons as well. The amount of beacons that you need to deposit will vary depending on your Prestige, But the blocks amounts have also increased.



2 different Cells teaming on another Cell for PvP is disallowed. You are allowed to "truce" if there is NO PvP happening, However if PvP is active and you join in, You must fight anyone. Using "Selective Targeting" will still result in a punishment and staff will have the final decision on if the evidence is enough. Breaking this rule will result in these punishments:

1st Offence: Warning
2nd Offence: 12h Temporary Ban
3rd Offence: 1d Temporary Ban
Further offenses, 3rd punishment will continue.
Account Sharing:

Account Sharing is completely disallowed. This means that you are unable to share accounts with any player in your Cell, If you are caught doing so, you will be punished accordingly. If you share accounts with any other player outside of your Cell, This will fall under the Cell Merging Rule and punishments for this will be based off that. Attempting to punish this rule, will also be punished.

1st Offence: 20% of Payouts Removed
2nd Offence: 40% of Payouts Removed
3rd Offence: 100% of Payouts Removed

A full list of our Server Rules can be found here.


- Fixed [item] to display the items name
- Added checks to prevent salvaging Pickaxes with Socket Gems on them
- Added /trash to Convict+ Ranks
- Fixed the mass amounts of Multipliers
- Fixed rewarding issues with Outpost

I'm extremely stoked to see these new features be bought onto Arcade Realm Map 2. A lot of these were suggested by you guys too! I'm excited to see Headed, Char, Sean_YT and JustDash come aboard onto the Anubis Partnership Team. This is just the start of many new features that are coming to Anubis Prisons, And I am excited to see what the future holds!

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