The Prisons Arcade Realm - Map 3

Hey Inmates!

We are happy to announce that Arcade Realm Map 3 will commence this Saturday, 19th of December at 3PM EST. This release brings 2 BRAND NEW features, more information on these can be read below!

If you were playing Space Map 2, We will be having the Payout meeting on December 19th at 2PM EST, 1 hour before Arcade Map 3 begins - I will aim to have your Buycraft & PayPal rewards given before Arcade release.

Returning Features to Arcade Map 3:

Beacon Gatherer

New Features coming to Arcade Map 3:

Additional Payouts
Lottery System

Additional PAYOUTS:
It was suggested by you guys, and it's been in discussion between Management for a little while now of adding additional ways for players to get more Payouts. Within this discussion we've decided to add 2 new Payouts. These payouts will be done at the same time as the Cell-Top Payouts are.

Here below are the 2 new Payouts and rewards:

Block Top:
#1: $15 PayPal OR $30 Buycraft‌‌
#2: $10 PayPal OR $20 Buycraft‌‌
#3: $5 PayPal OR $10 Buycraft
Beacon Top:
#1: $15 PayPal OR $30 Buycraft
‌‌#2: $10 PayPal OR $20 Buycraft
‌‌#3: $5 PayPal OR $10 Buycraft


The Lottery is a NPC at spawn where you can bet your Money & Tokens into a Daily and 3 Day Lottery. Right-Clicking the NPC will bring up a GUI where you can view the Daily and 3 Day Lottery. The higher amount of Tickets that you purchase, the higher the chance of you winning.

To purchase Money Tickets - Left-Click on either Daily or 3 Day Lottery.
To purchase Token Tickets - Right-Click on either Daily or 3 Day Lottery.

If Tickets were purchased for Money and no Tickets were purchased for Tokens, You will only have a chance at winning the Money and not the Tokens.

When a Player wins, They win ALL of the Money or Tokens (or both if they enter) that was put into either the Daily or 3 Day Lottery. To collect your winnings you need to go to the Lottery NPC and click your Skull in the middle. Hovering over your Skull will show how many tickets you purchased and the amount that you won.

At the 24 hour mark of the Daily Lottery a random player will be picked.
At the 72 hour mark of the 3 Day Lottery a random player will be picked.


Mining Treasures are a new way of being rewarded while mining!
Upon mining each block, you get a chance to gain a LOCKED Treasure. To unlock it you need to purchase a Lockpick from /beaconshop which you will Right-Click to reveal the Success Chance.

Once Right-Clicked, You will be given a random % Lockpick this means that you will have a x% to UNLOCK the Treasure. If it successfully unlocks, You are able to Right-Click the Treasure to be given random amount of rewards. However if the Lockpick fails to unlock the Treasure, The Treasure will remain LOCKED until a successful unlocking is done.

There is no limit on how many times you can attempt to UNLOCK a treasure, However each Lockpick only lasts 1 time!

Available Lockpick %'s:
(10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%)

I'm very excited to see what you guys think of these 2 new features including the 2 new types of Payouts. The additional Payouts were suggested by a few of you guys, and we liked the idea so we thought why not! I can't wait to show you guys the upcoming updates that I have planned that will be coming to Prisons globally and as soon as they're ready you guys will find out!

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