The Prisons Space Realm - Map 2

Hey Prisoners!

We are proud to introduce that Space Realm Map 2 will commence on the 12th of December at 3PM EST. This release doesn't bring too many new features, But that's okay as we have changes that you all wanted! (including myself)

If you were playing Arcade Map 2, We will be having the final Payout meeting on December 12th at 2PM EST, 1 hour before Space Map 2 begins - I will aim to have your Buycraft & PayPal rewards given before Space release.

What's new to Space Realm?

Beacon Gatherer (Enchantment)

A full further write up on these new features can be found by clicking here.

Crate Changes:
As most of you all suggested for Crates to be changed, For money to be increased etc all Crates including Prestige and Vote crates are now buffed! There are numerous of new rewards which balance out very nicely and of course Money Incensements!
You can view the possible Crate Winnings at /warp crates by Left-Clicking the Crate.

Additional Crate Changes:

It's that time of year where some of us celebrate Christmas. To get into the Christmas Spirit, we have introduced a new LIMITED TIME "Festive" Crate. Show off your unique items and limited time tags upon opening!
This can be found at /spawn and turning around.
Purchasable on the store only.

Alongside this, We have also introduced a "Festive Monthly Crate" too, Which holds unique rewards which other Monthly Crates don't have!

Boss Changes:
Bosses will now spawn automatically at a scheduled time. It was on my list of things to add after Bosses came out, but as it was wanted by you guys A LOT we have decided to add it into Space Map 2!

The bosses will spawn at:

3:30PM EST
10:30PM EST

Pet Changes:
Pets got a re-write on how they work / Manage, See below for all information regarding Pet Changes.

 - Lowered the immunity duration from 15 seconds to 5-10 seconds, Now increases depending on level
 - Cooldown is now reduced depending on Level, Level 20 is 7.5 minutes cooldown
 - Increased XP amount needed per Level.
 - Made Money Pet XP gain on Block-Broken instead of Block-Sold
 - Token pet % message is no-longer misleading.
 - Made Token Pet XP gain on Block-Broken instead of Block-Sold
 - Fixed Miner Pet bypassing Prestige Max
 - Fixed Miner Pet giving Unbreaking Enchantment


Fixed the /fly bug
Changed KoTH / Outpost Messages

I'm happy to how these changes turned out and I can't wait to show you guys the upcoming updates that I have planned that will be coming to Prisons globally as soon as they're ready. Also not to mention the updates that both myself and you guys wanted are now here! I go through and listen to all suggestions that get bought forward to me and I try my best to make them work!

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