The Summer Update | Pixelmon Reforged

The Summer Update is now live on all of our Pixelmon realms! This update includes new features and a ton of quality of life updates.  Whether you're an Alolan Elite 4 member, or a new trainer just starting your adventure into the world of Pixelmon, there is something great in this update for you!

Summer Update Major Features:

  • Safari Zone
  • Battle Tower
  • Weekend Boosters
  • Player Warps
  • New Vote Rewards
  • Improved Mega Crate
  • A ton of Quality of Life improvements

Safari Zone:

The Safari Zone has been added to all of the Anubis Pixelmon realms.  Use /safari to bring up the Safari Zone menu.

Players can pay $10,000 in game to enter the Safari Zone.  Just like in the original Pokemon games, you will have a limited amount of time, and a limited amount of catches, so you'll need to move quickly while catching the rare Pokemon in order to complete your collection!

Screenshot of Safari Zone

Battle Tower:

Trainers on their journey to become the very best will now be able to test their strength against the Battle Tower!  The Battle Tower features a series of difficult Pokemon Trainers.  You must defeat 3 trainers on a floor in order to progress to the next floor. Players can earn a large amount of in game cash by defeating these trainers, earning additional rewards as they build up streaks of number of battles won.

Relevant Commands:

/warp battletower - travel to the Battle Tower
/tower exit - Exit the battle tower
/tower advance - Advance to the next floor once defeating the required amount of trainers

Weekend Boosters:

With the school year starting soon, we want to ensure that the time you're able to spend on the server can be as rewarding as possible.  The Pixelmon realms now feature double spawn rates for Legendary Pokemon and Bosses all weekend long!

Player Warps

Looking to create a gathering place for all the members on the server?  Now you can with player warps!  Players with a donor rank of Tier 4 or above will be able to set warps that can be used by any player on the server.  

Looking to set up an incredible shop, but worried about selecting a prime location? Now any location you want can be made into a hot-spot where any player on the server can warp to!

Relevant Commands:

/pwarps setwarp <WarpName>

/warp <WarpName>

Once created, warps will automatically be usable by all players!

New Vote Rewards:

We want to give a huge thank-you to the players that vote for Anubis in order to help us grow!  Players who vote will now receive increased rewards from the Vote Crate!

Lucky players can walk away from the Vote Crate with a Shiny Ditto or a Mega Crate Key!

Image of Vote Crate

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Mega Crate:

Mega Pokemon are incredibly powerful, but there isn't anything more frustrating than having a Megastone, but lacking the Pokemon required to actually use it.  

Our new Mega Crate features the full roster of Mega Pokemon, including Legendaries, and is priced at the same cost as the previous Megastone Crate!

Additionally, Pokedex completion rewards will now grant players one of these new Mega Crate keys!

Quality of Life Changes:

New features are great, but we also strive to improve the features that are currently in game.  See below for a list of fixes included in this update:

  • New menus for /help, /dexrewards, /kitsmenu, /warps, /skillsmenu
  • Huge buff to ore sell prices
  • Upped Gems selling prices significantly
  • Upped Stones selling prices significantly
  • Upped Fish selling prices slightly
  • Added extra row to ores shop GUI to make it more aesthetically pleasing
  • Corrected spelling mistake from 'Poision' to 'Poison' in Poison TMs shop GUI
  • Moved back button on the Curry and Ingredients to the bottom left to match other GUI pages
  • Adjusted Bone and Bonemeal prices
  • Made the Auto Restarts happen when the servers have the least amount of players
  • Added apricorns to be sold in /shop - Farming category
  • Adjusted farming price - you can now make a lot of money through farms
  • Adjusted all TM prices making them way more affordable
  • Adjusted all HM prices to make them equal in pricing to one another
  • Fixed there being two sweet apples and turned one of them to be tart apples
  • Fixed people being able to swear using colour codes
  • Repriced & reorganized several items in the blocks category
  • Adjusted leaves sell prices from $2.50 to $0.50
  • Reorganized the Farming category and added all saplings available for purchase
  • Added Enigma, Starf, and Lansat berries to the shop & added a second page in the berries category
  • Added Sweet Apple, Tart Apple, Chipped Pot, and Cracked Pot to the Stones category
  • Improved Holograms/Added NPCs to all realms

These changes are just the beginning of the features we have planned for the coming months!  Stay tuned for more updates in the days to come. We're reworking the spawns for each of the realms & hubs soon, as well as implementing Player Gyms, VotePoints, BackPacks, New Shop Changes, Improved Wondertrade, Automated Events, Tokens & Claiming Revamp, and more! This entire next month is ALL DEDICATED TO PIXELMON!

To celebrate this first wave of updating, we're hosting a 35% off sale for the next 4 days across the entire Network! Thank you guys for blowing through the milestones for achievement across the entire network. We passed over 13k in our Discord this week and we've also rebranded the entire Network! New logos and the modpack has FINALLY been updated. Check them out below:

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