“All things are possible.  Who you are is limited by who you think you are.”
-Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Valley of Kings update is now live on the survival realm, and features a complete spawn overhaul, including a new player market.  The update also includes significant changes aimed at overhauling the economy and introducing new challenging PvE content which allows players to obtain high-powered gear. New players and veterans alike will find new features waiting for them with this update.

Valley of Kings Major Features:

  • Spawn Overhaul
  • Player Market
  • Valley of Kings (PvE)
  • Sacred Artifacts
  • Crate/Kit Overhaul
  • Subscription Based Ranks
  • Chat Games

Spawn Overhaul

The entire spawn area has been revamped, so that players will be able to quickly navigate to the various points of interest they are looking for.

The new survival spawn
Survival spawn at night

Player Market

Buried deep below spawn, players will find the newly created player market area, featuring rentable player shops as well as NPCs to trade for valuable items.

A view from the second floor of the underground market
NPCs in the market will trade valuable items

Valley of Kings

The Valley of Kings introduces challenging PvE content, and gives players the opportunity to obtain some of the most powerful items in the game by overcoming the challenges that it presents.

Talk to the Valley of Kings NPC, or type /warp valleyofkings to be teleported inside.

The warp to the Valley of Kings near spawn, and the Ancient Relic NPC. Trade the drops obtained in the Valley of Kings with the Ancient Relic NPC for rare items.
A peek inside the Valley of Kings - be careful not to venture too deep, as enemies will become more difficult the further you venture.
The Ancient Relic NPC will give you incredibly powerful items in exchange for Valley of Kings drops.

Sacred Artifacts

Ancient relics once wielded Egyptian Gods can now be obtained by players, giving them incredible power to strike down their foes.

The Staff of Osiris grants the wielder the ability to heal themselves in an instant
The Eye of Horus bestows upon the holder an all seeing eye, granting them immunity to blindness
While held, the Eye of Horus periodically displays a flashy particle effect

These items can currently be obtained by trading in drops from the Valley of Kings to the Ancient Relics NPC or by purchasing Anubis Crate keys.

Crate/Kit Overhaul

The current crates and kits available for purchase on Ruined Survival have been completely overhauled and improved.  Players who have already obtained these ranks will acquire the improved kit items as soon as they redeem their first kit. A glimpse inside of the Anubis crate reveals some rare treasures.

The Anubis crate contains the Sacred Artifacts outlined above
The crate also includes an Elytra enchanted with Protection IV and many other valuable prizes 

Players who obtain access to the Pharaoh kit will now be able to go toe to toe with even the most well geared adversaries.

Subscription Based Ranks

Have your eye on the Pharaoh rank, but not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge?  Players will now be able to purchase 30 day versions of each of the respective ranks.  These packages include all the ongoing perks included in the permanent rank at 25% of the price!

The 30 day versions of the Artisan and Scribe ranks

Chat Games

As part of this update, chat games have been added to Ruined Survival.  Any player logged in to the server will be able to answer ongoing questions for in game rewards!  The questions vary in difficulty and topic, featuring a heavy emphasis on Minecraft related trivia.

Events will be periodically hosted that feature more difficult questions and improved rewards as well!

The player who answers this question correctly (Ender Dragon Head) first is awarded a diamond!

The Path Forward

I’m incredibly excited to share this release with all of you.  I’ve had the opportunity over the last few weeks to get to know a lot of our most active players on survival, and this community is incredible.  Think of this update as the first step on the path towards creating a survival experience that you won’t find on any other server.

Looking to get a jump start and obtain some powerful equipment to dive into the Valley of Kings right away? We will be holding a 30% off sale to commemorate the launch of this new content!

I’ll see you all in the Valley,

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