Hello Trainers! The admin team has been cranking out crazy amounts of progress in light of us all being laid off from our jobs due to the mass epidemic. As such we've invested our hearts and souls into the server and have not slept. Please send assistance. But seriously, let's get into today's update!

Beginning With The New Update:
Our second ever content update is now officially live on the server. In this update, we have added a ton of new in-game content!
+ Added a competitive Elo system where players can compete vs each other on a leaderboard in different Smogon tiers! /showdown in-game.
+ Added a Safari Zone! You may now access a cool safari zone by paying 5k poke dollars in-game and accessing the safari zone for 30 minutes. /safaris in-game.
+ We've added new daily challenges to give out free rare candy, keys, and more! /dailies in-game.
+ The Battletower got buffed heavily. There are a lot more bosses in it now and a real reason to fight it. You get serious money (like 10k+ per win) and items like ultra balls and candies. The final boss gives you a master ball. I guarantee you personally you will not win vs them easily.
+ Dexrewards have been buffed heavily, giving you a real reason to want to complete the dex. /dexrewards
+ Boss spawn rates and legendary rates have been buffed heavily. It should be much more common now.
+ We've added boosters to our store! For $5, you can boost shiny spawn rates, bosses, and exp gain! For $25 you can boost legendary spawn rates globally for all players!
-Held item prices have been increased.
-EVTraining trainers removed in favor of Pokes.
-PokeBuilder prices have been cut down by 25%
-EVBerries prices have been cut down to 5k

We have also commenced a 30% off Global Sale on EVERYTHING! Keys, Ranks, and Boosters! We have also begun work on the first-ever pixelmon tournament! It is important you familiarize yourself with /showdown and start practicing your PVP skills with your friends! The winner of the tournament will be receiving a serious cash prize! Thank you guys so much for the support! We passed 70+ concurrent players this week and I couldn't be happier. We have plans right now to introduce a storyline and quest system with over 20+ quests and custom NPCs, as well as an entire second world and vote parties!