Hey Travellers,

Our Survival realm has gotten some new updates! The following update will consist of an Shop Overhaul, Crates Overhaul, Exclusive Valentine GKIT and Reworked vote rewards!

Along side this update we will be introducing a 40% SALE!, x2 VOTE REWARDS for 24 hours! And also a Valentine's Exclusive Envoy Chest!


We have decided to rework the shop so it would be much easier for you travellers to access, You can now also buy and sell at reasonable prices, And we have also added a few more categories recommended by the player council!

The new categories that have been added are:

With these being added onto the shop now you survivalists have access to many coloured concrete blocks and for the redstone maniacs you have access to all the items you need to build your contraptions.

And many more to be added soon!


With us deciding to rework the shop overhaul we have also decided to release a new crate! The Valentines Crate is now here for you guys to enjoy this new update!

You are wondering what you can achieve once purchasing this crate? Well here you go:

Cupid's crossbow with Mending, Unbreaking 3, infinity, and Quick charge 3
64 Cupid's arrows of weakness
Impale custom enchant (Bow enchant)
Sniper Custom enchant (Bow enchant)
Random CE (Rare)
Random CE (Legendary)
3 Magic dust
3 stacks of Purpur blocks
16 Wither roses
32 Enchanted Golden apples
64 Golden apples
2 Anubis crates
5 Explorer crates
Vizer rank
Pharaoh rank


Of course we had to bring out a NEW GKIT for the pvpers who are out there looking for blood!
Bring this GKIT to /warp pvp and you will be surviving as long as some of the brutal hunters out there!

Heartpiercer Sword -
Fire Aspect II
Sharpness V
Smite V
Unbreaking III
Featherweight II
Insomnia VII
Blind III
Enrage III
Rage VI
Stun III
Lifesteal V
Double Strike III
Inversion IV
Silence IV

Cupid's Halo -
Protection IV
Unbreaking II
Glowing I
Trickster VIII
Ender Shift III
Molten IV
Aquatic I
Implants III
Destruction V

Cupid's Robe -
Protection IV
Unbreaking III
Curse V
Ward IV
Shuffle III
Guardians X
Spirits X
Divine Enlighted III
Fat VI
Deathbringer II
Goldly Overload II

Cupid's Pants -
Protection IV
Unbreaking III
Frozen III
Hardened III
Obsidianshield I
Divine Enlighted III
Deathbringer III
Armored IV
Exterminator III

Cupid's Sandals -
Protection IV
Unbreaking III
Anti Gravity III
Dodge V
Jelly Legs III
Angelic V
Divine Enlighted III
Surprise IV
Judgement V
Gears III
Deathbringer III

Cupid's Bow -
Power V
Unbreaking III
Venom III
Farcast V
Arrow Lifesteal V
Piercing IV
Eagle Eye V
Silence IV
Rage VI
Lethal Sniper V

FEBRUARY 02/08/21-02/14/21 CHANGELOG

- Disguises are back on the server, this means /disguise now works, the crate is back in game and is also live again on the store!

- The ice gym leader will no longer kick you, I removed a move that is buggy in this pixelmon update

- Shop Prices Fully Revamped
- Concrete Shop Added
- Redstone Shop Added
- Farming Shop Fixed
- Back Button Added to All Shops

FEBRUARY 02/08/21-02/14/21 STAFF CHANGES

TrainerBrain - Promoted to Mod
Vyian - Promoted to Helper
Spinn_OG - Promoted to Helper
_CaptainThunder - Promoted to Jr. Admin
OmegaGoBrrrr - Promoted to Jr. Admin
ThatGuyBaba - Promoted to Helper
Tower - Promoted to Jr. Admin
Robin - Promoted to Manager (Historic change)
Chew - Promoted to Mod
Naphan - Promoted to Helper
unSTable - Promoted to Jr. Admin


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