Hey Trainers,

Here it is! Another Pixelmon update for you guys to look forward to! This following update will consist of these following things: Brand new valentines crate, Pixelmon Open, Level Tower change, Raid Boss and the Pixelmon shop change!

And to enjoy this update there will be a 35% OFF SALE


These BRAND NEW textured lineup! Are great for the Pixelmon collectors. These limited time textures will only be out for a certain period so go get them while you can! In order to obtain these textures, we are introducing them onto our store.


Pixelmon-Opens are back! The Pixelmon-Open Tournament is a 6v6 Pixelmon Battle that will be held on the 13th of February!
This tournament will be held every Saturday on our Pixelmon Origins 2PM EST and on our Pixelmon Swords 3PM EST.

1): Teams of 6 Pixelmon
2): No Legends Allowed
3): Bag Items are NOT allowed.
4): OHKO Moves are NOT allowed.
5): FEAR Tactics are NOT allowed.
6): Species Clause - duplicates are NOT allowed. (aka. Eevee & Eevee).
7): Multiple Rest Pixelmon are NOT allowed.
8): All Pixelmon will be set to lvl 100.
9): Sleep Clause will be turned On 10): No Ultra Beasts Allowed

Pixelmon Open Rewards
• 1st 7 days ALOLAN rank and a Custom Legendary Key
• 2nd 2x Shiny Legendary Keys
• 3rd 2x Legendary Keys


The change for the level tower will be a great use for new players! As you know at the moment there are 50+ levelled trainers, we will be adding lower levelled trainers for the new pixelmon trainers who are starting their new journey.\z\
For new players to access the level tower by using the command /warp lowlevel

Level Tower Update
• Adding Level 10 trainers
• Adding Level 15 trainers
• Adding Level 20 trainers
• Adding Level 25 trainers
• Adding Level 30 trainers
• Adding Level 40 trainers


From now on we will be spawning in Tier 6 raid bosses for all you trainers, to gather around and defeat the boss together and earn special rewards.
This will be every Saturday and Sunday!


This has been a highly requested request from the player council and all you trainers!
We will be adding new items into the Minecraft Miscellaneous Shop which consists of:
Slime balls
And many more to be added soon!

JANUARY 01/27/21-02/08/21 CHANGELOG

- Bookshelves has been added onto the block shop!
- Fixed a spelling error with the Tier 3 Boss Crate

- Fixed prince rank prefix (in chat)
- Fixed an issue with Prince ranks being unable to use /bp 6

JANUARY 01/27/21-02/08/21 STAFF CHANGES

• DarknesSnorlax - Promoted to Helper
• Barney - Promoted to Mod
• OpieTheOPDoggo - Promoted to Helper
• NiceTryThief - Promoted to Senior Mod
• YoungZim - Promoted to Mod
• ObeyedSundew - Promoted to Sr Admin
• MexicanAvocados - Promoted to Admin
• Yip01 - Promoted to Admin
• RocketLeagueGO - Promoted to Helper
• _Lightburst_ - Promoted to Helper
• 1ucq - Promoted to Helper
• CibusVenatus - Promoted to Sr Mod
• ThunderDog62 - Promoted to Mod
• unSTable1152 - Promoted to Sr Mod
• Mr_Villager_King - Promoted to Mod
• Accend - Promoted to Mod
• St8farmjake - Promoted to Mod
• Evalynch916 - Promoted to Helper
• Terra_Tempestas - Promoted to Mod
• Chef_Javi - Promoted to Mod
• OmegaGoBrrrr - Promoted to Sr Mod


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