Valley Of Kings | Survival Update

Hey Travellers,

It's been a little while since our last Survival Update, and we're happy to say we've got an update that will be the start of something great!  This update will consist of: New Boss, New and Revamped Artifacts, New Enchants, Player-Warps, and KOTH!

We will be having a 35% off sale with this update!

Valley Of Kings Boss: Isis

Beware our newest Boss Isis.. she's tough, but she's not undefeatable.  With Isis comes not only a new challenge, but new artifacts, and much more!  With powerful abilities never seen before, she's not to be messed with. With Isis comes a new currency as well, look out for those special emeralds, also known as "Scarab Gems" they'll be very important for purchasing strong items!

Crafting Recipe: (The Crafting Table itself will be changed, and available after the Boss Event on Sunday)

Players will get their first look on Sunday Evening as part of a special update event for the whole server to fight Isis!

New and Revamped Artifacts

That's right, we've overhauled our already existing Artifacts, and added two new ones relating to our new boss Isis.


A powerful blade, grants the user increased damage and knockback resistance. This can be obtained either from trading with the Lost Mystic at the Valley of Kings warp, or a very rare chance from Isis herself.

Wings of Isis

Fly like the goddess herself, these wings are extra beefy and as powerful as Netherite, and with the swiftness of the shadows. This can be obtained either from trading with the Lost Mystic at the Valley of Kings warp, or a very rare chance from Isis herself.

Wings of Horus

We've revamped the ability for the Wings of Horus, granting the player increased damage reduction.

Eye of Horus

We've revamped the ability for the Eye of Horus, granting the player increased strength when held off-hand.

Hop on to check out the new artifacts, and test them out with your friends!

New Enchants

We've added 4 New Enchants under the new Supreme enchant category to give you and your friends the upper-hand in PvP, but these enchants are not easy to obtain, they can only be purchased from the Lost Mystic at the Valley of Kings warp using Scarab Gems.


On low health, launch into the air blinding and damaging your enemies below you!


On low health, blinds your enemies and grants you super speed to escape.


While sneaking behind your enemies, deal 150% more damage.


Chance to grant the player Strength and Regeneration, but as well as Nausea and Slowness.


That's right, we've added Player-Warps back, following the same structure as before.  If you'd like to make your own, make sure to type /rankup in-game and grind your way up to Viscount!

Viscount: 1 Player Warp
Devout: 2 Player Warps
Royal: 3 Player Warps
Demi-God: 4 Player Warps
God: 5 Player Warps

KOTH Crate Update

A small change, but a major one for all of our players, we've completely redone the KOTH Crate with new loot for you all to enjoy!

March 03/03/21 - 03/12/21 Changelog


  • Buffed Valley of Kings mob spawns
  • Slightly debuffed drop rates for Valley of Kings mobs
  • Redid Artifact Abilities, and adjusted the Artifact Merchant Trades
  • Added Merchant Trade for "Ra Staff"
  • Redid trades for "Event Merchant"
  • Moved Valley of Kings Merchants to the Valley of Kings NPC
  • Upgraded Gear from Event Merchant
  • Added 3 New tags
  • Removed Player Market warp and reintroduced player-warps
  • Added Lost Mystic NPC
  • Added 4 New Enchants
  • Added Isis boss
  • Added 2 New Artifacts


  • In /help > features, it no longer routes to /gts if you click on Pwarps.
  • Players are now able to place shulkers
  • Fixed Spelling mistakes and other errors in /textures
  • Added Resolute and Valentine textures onto /textures
  • Updated the /kit noob radar
  • Updated Rewards NPC to not display quests and dailies

Staff Changes 03/03/21 - 03/12/21

  • OmegaGoBrrr - Promoted to Admin
  • Xiangke - Returned as Helper

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