Greetings trainers! Have you ever wanted to go to Vegas? Well now you can on our server! We are now announcing a new content update with amazing new features which are a brand new CASINO, SKILLS, BATTLEPASS and much more!

To accompany this update, we will be having a 50% OFF SALE for 3 days.


Casino is a brand new feature on the server where you can play different games, and gamble your money away! The games that we have in the casino are: Blackjack, Bingo, Roulette, Raffle, High Card/Low Card and Texas Holdem.
On the server there are descriptions on how to play each game, You can find the information at /warp casino.

Remember to have fun and to not spend all your money! Remember if you do not have much money you can always /vote for the server.


MMO/SKILLS is a brand feature we have brought on to the server, for you players to level up, gain great rewards and useful skills to use in game! The different skills are:

Acrobatics - Running and jumping! Abilities allow players to take less damage, and jump further and higher.
Axemanship - For those who prefer the axe to the sword! Abilities allow players to live a barbarian lifestyle.
Battling - Pokémon battlers' paradise! Abilities allow players to heal their party on the fly, and gain more Pokémon experience from battles.
Breeding - Eggs! Abilities allow players to find more eggs, and have better results when hatching.
Catching - For the Pokédex completionist! Abilities allow players to find better Pokémon in the wild.
Crafting - It is Minecraft after all! Abilities allow players to use less resources, and to Equivalent Exchange.
Excavation - Dirt and sand! Abilities allow players to get more use out of shovels.
Fishing - For the anglers out there! Abilities allow players to fish on ice, and to put a boat in their pocket.
Forging - Poké Balls have to be made somewhere! Abilities allow players to forge more efficiently.
Herbalism - Live like a druid! Abilities allow players to improve their farms, and to create mycelium.
Mining - It is Minecraft after all! Abilities allow players to get more use out of pickaxes.
Salvaging - Frugality is good! Abilities allow players to reclaim resources, and to disenchant items.
Smelting - Furnaces require tending! Abilities allow players to improve their furnaces, and light them at will.
Training - I wanna be the very best! Abilities allow players to get more out of training their party.
Woodcutting - Chop chop! Abilities allow players to get more use out of axes, including a Tree Feller.


Accompanying the skills feature, we have an add-on which includes a brand new Battlepass! This add-on allows you to level up skills. The /skills command will increase your experience for the Battlepass where every two levels are claimable with some sweet rewards! Additionally, there is a PREMIUM Battlepass which will be on our store with constant IRREPLACEABLE rewards. These rewards were made worth-while and will surely give you your moneys worth!

We have added two tags which you can get in the battlepass when you reach level 50 and level 100.


You know it each time we bring out an update we bring out 3 BRAND NEW TAGS!

FEBRUARY 03/12/21-03/20/21 CHANGELOG

- Changed PokeOrigins on tab to Pixelmon
- Fixed the Evolutionary Items shop not letting you buy the item you want
- Made Alolan kit one week instead of two.
- Fixed Spelling errors in /dexrewards.
- Fixed issues with the disguise crate

FEBRUARY 03/12/21-03/20/21 STAFF CHANGES

  • Monatizd - Promoted to Sr Admin
  • John_Fries - Promoted to Sr Admin
  • Laaksy - Promoted to Sr Admin
  • Naphan - Promoted to Sr Admin
  • CibusVenatus - Promoted to Admin
  • ThunderDog62 - Promoted to Admin
  • Dr_Hotchocolatee - Hired for Helper
  • Togepixx - Hired for Helper
  • MrCobra0 - Hired for Helper


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