Where the Wild Things Are | Pixelmon Update

This update is built around encouraging you all to get back into the wilderness.  Those of you who do will be rewarded handsomely!


Wild Textures
Hidden Ability Spawns in Chat
Daily Events

Wild Textures
50+ brand new textures are out on all our Pixelmon Realms! These textures are unlike any other textures on our realms, as they can only be obtained by catching these Pokemon out in the wild!


You will now be able to share all the juicy details of the Pokemon in your party with everyone!  Want to show off a Pokemon before trading? Now you can!

Command:  [pokemon(slot#)]

To do this in chat, just type [pokemon1]. This will announce the Pokémon in your first slot! Any player on the server can hover over this message for additional details.

Hidden Ability Spawns in Chat

Ever get frustrated by blindly hoping to find Pokemon with the most desirable Hidden Abilities? Pokémon with Hidden Abilities are now broadcast in chat!  You'll need to move quickly though, since other trainers will be trying to claim those Pokemon as their own.

Daily Quests

A lot of players have been looking for more ways to make in game cash.  Daily Quests are exactly that!  For players that are new to the game, you'll have 3 quests available per day.  As you complete your Pokedex you will unlock more and more quests, each with progressively better rewards.

We've also thrown in additional quests for our donators, as a thank you for supporting the server.

The highest tier rewards even have a chance of giving a Master Ball!

Command: /quests


I am incredibly excited to share our next update with you all, as it contains a ton of features that we've been teasing for quite some time.  October is going to be the most action packed month in Anubis history - and we genuinely appreciate every one of you being here for the journey.  To celebrate your adventure into the wilderness we will be hosting a 35% Global Sale starting TODAY which will go on until end of the day on MONDAY!

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- Slippy