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Official Prison Rules

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Network Manager
Bug/Exploiting Regulations
• No exploiting bugs/exploits.
• No possession of duped items.

Hacking/Modification Regulations
• No hacking of any kind.
• No use of autoclickers or illegal mouse modifications.

Store Regulations
• Charging back any payments made through the donation store
• Selling/trading any accounts or in-game items for any type out-of-game currency (Steam, PayPal, etc.) Note that giving someone in-game items in exchange for making a donation is OK!

Chat Regulations
• No disrespecting players or staff.
• No excessive swearing or being unnecessarily aggressive towards others.
• Do not bypass the chat filter or use excessive caps.
• No excessive spam (more than 1 (not conversation related) message every 10 seconds).
• No speaking in a language other than English in global chat.
• No discussing punishments in global chat.
• No inappropriate topics.
• No racism, nsfw or anything of the sort.
• No asking for any free items.
• You may not discuss staff permissions.

Player Conduct
• Do not disrupt other players' experiences. Use common sense and do not disrupt another player's experience.
• No scamming of any kind.
• No bypassing any punishments through any methods.
• Nothing sexual anywhere.
• No death threats in any capacity.

• No advertising another server IP, server name, server website, or discord.

Alt Account Abusing
• No using alternate accounts to bypass a punishment or to gain an unfair advantage over others.

You are responsible for your own account. If someone else has access to your account and uses it to break server rules, we will still take action against your account.

Rules are subject to change at any time with or without warning. You are responsible for knowing the rules and abiding by them.
Not open for further replies.
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