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What's up everyone, it's ya boi, ThunderGames B)

I'm just a silly guy doing silly things that somehow got to Spark Manager, so yeah, that's all the important stuff you need to know about me :)

I live in Germany and only recently turned 18 which is neat, I think! I do some streaming over on YouTube whenever I got time and just enjoy my life as much as I can. I think that's all the important stuff about me.

If you ever need me, I'm prolly hanging out on Discrd (Thunder#0069) or on the Generations Realm under the name ThunderGames, just look for light red name and it'll most likely be me!

Ok that's all about me please don't stalk me thank you bye!


You're 18?!? bro i thought you were in your mid 20's

nice to meet you person ive never met before in my life


SMod, gym staff and Event/Temple manager on Sword
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Gym Staff
Sword Staff
Origins Staff
you recently turned 18? Welp be prepared to give more money to the government in the form of taxes :D.
Thats all
nothing else here
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