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The Resolution | PIXELMON UPDATE

Hey Trainers, Our Pixelmon realms have just gotten a new update! For starters, we have introduced a new crate to the community. The Resolute Crate introduces 18 new custom textured Pixelmon of varying

4 min read
Pixelmon Beginners Guide

Welcome to the AnubisMC Pixelmon Beginners Guide! This guide will cover all of our important things for all of our new pixelmon trainers! Who would like to learn more about pixelmon at AnubisMC.

11 min read
Cosmetics & Trading | Survival Update

Hello Anubis Players! Our Ruined Survival Server has a great NEW update that includes many exciting things. We have a new crate coming to Survival named Cosmetic Crate! We are also bringing Nitro

5 min read
The Champion Update | PIXELMON

Hello Anubis Players! With lots of updates coming throughout the month of January and with way more to come, we wanted to take aim more towards the competitive side of Pixelmon. This one

3 min read
New Hub & Survival Spawn | SERVER UPDATE

Hello Anubis players! Exciting times are just around the corner with a series of updates over the course of the month of January! Today we will be showcasing a BRAND new Hub Lobby

4 min read

Hey everyone! We hope you had an awesome holiday season! For 2021, we are kickstarting the year by giving you some amazing news! As of right now, our Survival realm is now fully

8 min read
Christmas Update | Pixelmon

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is coming to Pixelmon! Hop in now to enjoy the new Christmas Winter Wonderland, Limited Time Crates, and Daily Raid Boss and Events! UPDATE:Christmas Winter Wonderland (/warp Christmas)

3 min read
The Prisons Arcade Realm - Map 3

We are happy to announce that Arcade Realm Map 3 will commence this Saturday, 19th of December at 3PM EST. This release brings 2 BRAND NEW features!

3 min read
The Prisons Space Realm - Map 2

We are proud to introduce that Space Realm Map 2 will commence on the 12th of December at 3PM EST. This release doesn't bring too many new features, But that's okay as we have changes that you all wanted!

2 min read
The Prisons Arcade Realm - Map 2

We are happy to introduce that Arcade Realm Map 2 will commence on the 28th of November at 3PM EST. With this release we have a lot of new features in stock, and I think you're going to love these!

5 min read
The Prisons Space Realm Release - Map 1

We are glad to introduce that a brand new Prisons Realm is releasing! The demand exceeded our supply and to correct this issue the Management Team has decided to open up a 2nd Realm! YouTubers Headed, Br0 & 09Sharkboy will join you on your Space Adventures!

3 min read
Here Comes Team Rocket | Pixelmon Origins and Sword

A new area has been released! Explore Team Rocket castle, find the hidden Pokemon and even claim a spot as a member of Team Rocket!

4 min read
Prisons is coming to AnubisMC!

Hey everyone, This is an announcement that has been in the works for months now. We're super excited to introduce a brand new realm coming to AnubisMC, and that being Prisons. Another network

5 min read
Halloween Update | Pixelmon

Halloween descends across the Pixelmon realms. Hop in now to enjoy spooky custom skins, festive decorations and Halloween themed daily raids!

3 min read
Something Dark Stirs | Pixelmon Update

New Sword spawn, Hunt and more Wild things

4 min read
PokeRaids Update | Pixelmon

The cornerstone of this update is built around the introduction of multi-player Pokemon Raids. Think you're strong enough to take down a massive Mega Charizard? Now you can prove it!

4 min read
Prove Your Might | Pixelmon Update

This update includes a complete overhaul of the Sands spawn, as well as the introduction of player gyms and a huge update to the Player Elite Four!

4 min read
Where the Wild Things Are | Pixelmon Update

This update is built around encouraging you all to get back into the wilderness. Those of you who do will be rewarded handsomely! 50+ brand new textures are out on all our Pixelmon Realms!

3 min read
Anubis Hub Update | All Realms

With the conclusion of our UBER Weekend, we've got another update coming your way.  Read below for the full rundown! Anubis Hub Update Features: Brand New HUBPokeVault (Transfer Pixelmon realm to realm)Vote

4 min read

We've got a huge update for you, featuring some of the most requested features from players, exclusive textures for players that prove themselves worthy, a new spawn for Pixelmon Shield, and much more!

6 min read
Origins Reforged | Pixelmon Update

Aoros here with another Pixelmon update! So aside from new content, we’ve been focusing on the overall quality of the network, and as a result, we decided that our spawn deserved some much needed love! Without further ado, I’d like to present the new spawn:

4 min read
The Erv Update | Pixelmon Update

Would you look at that! We’re back with another back to back update over on all of our Pixelmon realms! This is one juicy update we got in store for you! From new features to a ton of quality of life updates we got something for you.

4 min read
The Summer Update | Pixelmon Reforged

The Summer Update is now live on all of our Pixelmon realms! This update includes new features and a ton of quality of life updates. Whether you're an Alolan Elite 4 member, or a new trainer just starting your adventure into the world of Pixelmon, there is something great in this update for you!

5 min read

The Valley of Kings update is now live on the survival realm, and features a complete spawn overhaul, including a new player market.

5 min read
The Pixelmon Advancements Update | Update 1.5

Hello Trainers! DeadBoss here giving you news on a new update here on the Pixelmon side of Anubis! We are introducing PokeSkills, PokeTeams and a recoded version of our Boosters plugin. We have also added a new music plugin, with a variety of different sounds.

4 min read