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The Galactic Update | Pixelmon

Good day Trainers! The Galactic empire has landed on our Pixelmon realm but don't worry! The heroes are back to save us once more! This update includes a STAR WARS WORLD, NEW TEXTURES,

3 min read
Survival's 1 Year Update | Survival

One year ago, Survival's beta was released and with that a whole new gameplay for the AnubisMC Network, allowing friend's group to form, people fighting in PvP for loot and people enjoying our

5 min read
The Heroic Update | Pixelmon Update

Greetings Trainers! I heard there are villains here on Pixelmon, do not worry the heros are here to save us! We have brought out a brand new HERO WORLD, MARVEL TEXTURES, TOKEN SHOPS

4 min read

Hey there Travellers! Our survival realm is about to have its 1-year anniversary, and along this year we have seen you getting rich and powerful. Now it is time you show us what

3 min read
McMMO | Survival Update

Hey there Travellers!  After reading your suggestions and holding your patience, we're finally rolling out our Survival McMMO update!  With this update comes a load of new content for you to enjoy with

3 min read

Hey Trainers! The Easter bunny has arrived onto Anubis, and has arranged a ton of activities and events. Hop on to enjoy our NEW EASTER WORLD! The following update will consist of: BRAND

4 min read

Greetings trainers! Have you ever wanted to go to Vegas? Well now you can on our server! We are now announcing a new content update with amazing new features which are a brand

4 min read
Valley Of Kings | Survival Update

Hey Travellers, It's been a little while since our last Survival Update, and we're happy to say we've got an update that will be the start of something great!  This update will consist

4 min read
Introducing Competitive Gameplay | PIXELMON UPDATE

Hey Trainers, Another pixelmon update has arrived to Anubis for you guys. The following update will introduces two new competitive systems: POKETOP and SHOWDOWN, as well as some quality of life fixes and

4 min read
Team Magma and Aqua | Pixelmon Update

Team Aqua and Team Magma are here on Anubis! The following update will consist of: MAGMA AND AQUA STORYLINE WITH GYMS AND HQs, Elite Four changes, NEW Famous Sidebosses around spawn and much more!

3 min read

Hey Travellers, It's time for the long awaited Survival Quality of Life update, and we've got it for you! The following update will consist of: New Shop, Mob Stacking, Star Merchant, Villager Breeding/

3 min read

Hey Trainers, Quality of Life, a brand new update waiting for you! The following update will consist of: POKEBUILDER IS BACK!, New Rank Commands, Reworked Shop, Raidboss Rework, Nitro kit buff, Battle Tower

5 min read

Hey Trainers, Our Pixelmon realm has brought out another NEW UPDATE for you trainers to ENJOY! The Following update consists of these following things: Safari Rework, New Raidboss area, Crates Rework, BiomeTP's Clean-up!

3 min read

Hey Travellers, Our Survival realm has gotten some new updates! The following update will consist of an Shop Overhaul, Crates Overhaul, Exclusive Valentine GKIT and Reworked vote rewards! Along side this update we

3 min read

Hey Trainers, Here it is! Another Pixelmon update for you guys to look forward to! This following update will consist of these following things: Brand new valentines crate, Pixelmon Open, Level Tower change,

3 min read

Hello Pixelmon Trainers! It's that time again, a new Pixelmon update! The following update will consist of these things: Battle tower change, Ore mines, Bundles on the store, Move tutors, Pixelmon shop and

3 min read
The Resolution | PIXELMON UPDATE

Hey Trainers, Our Pixelmon realms have just gotten a new update! For starters, we have introduced a new crate to the community. The Resolute Crate introduces 18 new custom textured Pixelmon of varying

4 min read
Pixelmon Beginners Guide

Welcome to the AnubisMC Pixelmon Beginners Guide! This guide will cover all of our important things for all of our new pixelmon trainers! Who would like to learn more about pixelmon at AnubisMC.

11 min read
Cosmetics & Trading | Survival Update

Hello Anubis Players! Our Ruined Survival Server has a great NEW update that includes many exciting things. We have a new crate coming to Survival named Cosmetic Crate! We are also bringing Nitro

5 min read
The Champion Update | PIXELMON

Hello Anubis Players! With lots of updates coming throughout the month of January and with way more to come, we wanted to take aim more towards the competitive side of Pixelmon. This one

3 min read
New Hub & Survival Spawn | SERVER UPDATE

Hello Anubis players! Exciting times are just around the corner with a series of updates over the course of the month of January! Today we will be showcasing a BRAND new Hub Lobby

4 min read

Hey everyone! We hope you had an awesome holiday season! For 2021, we are kickstarting the year by giving you some amazing news! As of right now, our Survival realm is now fully

8 min read
Christmas Update | Pixelmon

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is coming to Pixelmon! Hop in now to enjoy the new Christmas Winter Wonderland, Limited Time Crates, and Daily Raid Boss and Events! UPDATE:Christmas Winter Wonderland (/warp Christmas)

3 min read
The Prisons Arcade Realm - Map 3

We are happy to announce that Arcade Realm Map 3 will commence this Saturday, 19th of December at 3PM EST. This release brings 2 BRAND NEW features!

3 min read
The Prisons Space Realm - Map 2

We are proud to introduce that Space Realm Map 2 will commence on the 12th of December at 3PM EST. This release doesn't bring too many new features, But that's okay as we have changes that you all wanted!

2 min read